Friday, July 9, 2010

SBB To Record New Album

SBB, a legend of Polish music scene, is working on a new studio album with the working title “Blue Trans”. The band, comprised of the phenomenal composer Józef Skrzek, the excellent guitarist Apostolis Anthimos, and the flawless drummer Gabor Nemeth, plans to release the new material in Autumn 2010 via Metal Mind Productions.

They are currently working in ResRublica Studios in Lubrza, again with Sebastian Witkowski, who produced their previous album “Iron Curtain”. The album, released in January 2007, was highly acclaimed by both fans and music media. The trio offered a perfect blend of the sincerity of blues and the freedom of jazz. The music was mature and rich in emotions. It featured sophisticated ballads, perfect guitar solos, oriental and highland sounds, Moogs and Hammonds.

SBB is no doubt a legend of Polish music scene. The band was formed in 1971 as Silesian Blues Band. Then, the musicians played for 2 years with Czesław Niemen in his group Niemen, to finally return as SBB in 1974. By 1980, Józef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos and Jerzy Piotrowski had recorded dozens of albums in Poland and abroad, they played hundreds of concerts all around Europe, sharing stages with Bob Marley (Roskilde Festival '78), Soft Machine, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Charles Mingus Dynasty, Jack Bruce Group, Thin Lizzy, Canned Heat, Omega and Klaus Szultze. In the early 90's they returned in an extended line-up after an almost 10-year break to play a series of concerts in USA. SBB started as a blues band but, fascinated with Mahavishnu Orchestra, soon began to search for new means of expression. Gradually, their music became more and more lyrical and the band started to combine wild, Hendrix-like energy with peaceful, gentle, calm moments. The band soon came up with their own idea of prog-rock, skillfully mixing elements of classical music and jazz-rock instrumental frenzy. The albums that followed showed the band's great evolution, featuring grand and marvelous music. "SBB - Anthology 1974-2004" box and "Lost Tapes, Vol. 1", "Lost Tapes, Vol.2" constituted a certain summary of their career up to that point. The 2004 releases, especially the anthology, were received with real enthusiasm. It was the final "pro" for recording a new album "New Century" and for organizing a worldwide tour. In March 2006, SBB headlined Baja Prog Festival, one of the most important progressive festivals in the world. In late August 2007, Metal Mind Productions released a 20-CD box with Skrzek's complete solo discography. The anthology includes electro-rock songs, film music etc. The year 2007 saw the release of SBB's new album "The Rock". Soon after that, SBB released “Four Decades” DVD. In January 2009, the band returned with a new fantastic album “Iron Curtain”. The band promoted the release on several gigs in Poland. The highlight of the tour took place at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, where SBB recorded the show for the “Behind The Iron Curtain” DVD (may 2009).