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LEPROUS - Launch "Stuck (Radio Edit)", the second single & video off new album "Malina"!

LEPROUS - Launch "Stuck (Radio Edit)", the second single & video off new album "Malina"!

Norway's LEPROUS are soon to release their much-anticipated new fifth studio album "Malina" on August 25th, 2017 via InsideOutMusic,

Therefore, the album's second single "Stuck (Radio Edit)" is being launched today. 
Check out a video directed by Troll Toftenes here:  

Or stream the single here on Spotify:

LEPROUS checked in to comment about the track, 
which can be found on the album in its entire version, as follows:
 "'Stuck' is LEPROUS in a new package! It's straight to the point, groovy and has probably the guitar and bass sound on the album that we're most happy with! Doing a performance video to enhance the special edit version of this song felt like an obvious choice and the footage captured by Troll Toftenes supports the dynamics of the music in a great way!"

LEPROUS previously debuted "From The Flame", the first single off "Malina", here: 

 The track-listing for "Malina" reads as follows:

LEPROUS - "Malina":
1. Bonneville
2. Stuck
3. From The Flame
4. Captive
5. Illuminate
6. Leashes
7. Mirage
8. Malina
9. Coma
10. The Weight Of Disaster
11. The Last Milestone

"Malina" will be available as Jewelcase CD and Digital Download, but also as limited edition Mediabook CD (with extended booklet and the bonus-track "Root") and as Gatefold 2LP on 180gr. vinyl (with a poster, the bonus-track "Root" and the entire album on CD). 

"Malina" is now available for pre-order here:

Most recently, LEPROUS have debuted "From The Flame", the first single off "Malina", via a video directed by David Solbjørg of Twitchy Films here: 

Or check out the song here:

Following a hugely successful European tour as support to label-mates Devin Townsend Project earlier this year, LEPROUS wrapped up the work on "Malina" with producer David Castillo at Ghost Ward Studio in Sweden, while mixing duties were once again taken care of by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The album's artwork was designed by Corey Meyers.

  After their upcoming summer festival appearances, LEPROUS will be heading out on an extensive headlining tour of Europe for "Malina", together with special guests Agent Fresco from Iceland, plus Australia's AlithiA and fellow Norwegian's Astrosaur.

Here is a list next of shows for LEPROUS:

LEPROUS - Festivals 2017:
11.08.2017 Rasnov (Romania) - Rockstadt Extreme Fest
19.08.2017 Mo i Rana (Norway) - Verket Festival
LEPROUS, Agent Fresco, AlithiA & Astrosaur - European Tour:
Presented in Germany by Eclipsed,, Guitar &
28.10.2017 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Pumpehuset
29.10.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo
30.10.2017 Cologne (Germany) - Luxor
31.10.2017 Esch (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
01.11.2017 Haarlem (The Netherlands) - Patronaat
02.11.2017 London (UK) - The Dome
03.11.2017 Dublin (Ireland) - Voodoo Lounge
04.11.2017 Leeds (UK) - Damnation Festival
05.11.2017 Vosselaar (Belgium) - Biebob
06.11.2017 Paris (France) - Trabendo
07.11.2017 Nantes (France) - Barakason
08.11.2017 Bordeaux (France) - Rocher Palmer
11.11.2017 Toulouse (France) - Le Metronum
12.11.2017 Marseille (France) - Le Moulin
13.11.2017 Milan (Italy) - Magnolia
14.11.2017 Lyon (France) - CCO Villeurbanne
15.11.2017 Winterthur (Switzerland) - Salzhaus
16.11.2017 Colmar (France) - Grillen
17.11.2017 Munich (Germany) - Backstage Halle
18.11.2017 Vienna (Austria) - Szene
19.11.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
20.11.2017 Prague (Czech Republic) - Rock Café
21.11.2017 Warsaw (Poland) - Proxima
22.11.2017 Berlin (Germany) - Musik & Frieden
23.11.2017 Aarhus (Denmark) - Atlas
25.11.2017 Oslo (Norway) - Vulkan Arena
And more dates to be announced soon...

LEPROUS online: (mobile website)



Gentle Giant To Release Three Piece Suite September 29

Gentle Giant-Three Piece Suite

On September 29th 2017 Gentle Giant will release “Three Piece Suite.”

Gentle Giant—Three Piece Suite is a specially curated selection of songs and compositions from the band’s first three albums (Giant, Acquiring the Taste, Three Friends) presented in both 5.1 surround sound and stereo. There are nine tracks from the albums, plus a pre-debut song, remixed by Steven Wilson. The choices were determined by the limited availability of multi-track master tapes from the era. Only a few songs from each album are known to exist as multi-tracks, with the rest presumably lost.

Three Piece Suite is available in the following formats:
*A two-disc digipak containing 96/24 animated Blu-ray plus CD.
*A single disc digipak CD.
*A two-disc gatefold LP in180g high-end vinyl.
*A digital download of the two disc Blu-Ray plus CD version.

Gentle Giant’s Three Piece Suite includes the songs “Giant,” “Nothing At All,” and “Why Not” from the first album Giant
“Pantagruel’s Nativity,” “The House, The Street, The Room” from the second album Acquiring The Taste
“Schooldays,” “Peel the Paint,” “Mr. Class And Quality,” and “Three Friends” from the album Three Friends completes the list of the original recorded material.
The band and Steven Wilson are including a previously commercially unreleased song “Freedom’s Child” taken from the first recording sessions with legendary producer Tony Visconti.

The liner notes by Interviewer Anil Prasad include reflections from Gentle Giant’s members about the writing and recording sessions.

Steven Wilson and Tony Visconti share their incredible observations about the early days of this unique collection of timeless music from one of progressive rock’s most influential bands.

Tony Visconti recounts:
“I was a very optimistic young man in 1970…I thought music like theirs would save the world from mediocrity. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in it. I championed their cause by becoming sympathetic to the point where I temporarily joined the band for both albums. I modified their arrangements and pulled off some stunning audio effects that gave their sound more depth and immediacy. The band knew I was on their side. I remember there being a great feeling of camaraderie during the sessions.”

Steven Wilson explains:
“To create the new mixes, I used Logic as the software and Universal Audio plug-ins, which provide emulations of classic analog outboard effects, channel strips and old mixing desks…I used these tools to clean things up and bring out some more clarity, detail and definition in some of the instrumental interplay. There was never a question of trying to outdo the original mixes, but offer different perspectives on them.”

Tony Visconti continues:
“In our own way, we’ve touched the ears, minds and hearts of thousands of true believers.”

The band members, collectively, feel there are still good reasons its fans continue to enjoy Gentle Giant’s music and why it continues to be discovered by new generations.

For fans of Gentle Giant Three Piece Suite is a must have.  For fans of great musicianship and progressive rock this is an incredible insight into the earliest days of this legendary band.

Pre-Order Links for Amazon & iTunes to be announced at

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly Sign to InsideOutMusic; new album to be released in May

Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly Sign to InsideOutMusic; 
new album to be released in May

Following last year's disbanding of Sweden's much-loved progressive rockers Beardfish, vocalist and driving force Rikard Sjöblom has turned his attention to his solo project Gungfly, and signed with InsideOutMusic for the release of the next album 'On Her Journey To The Sun' on May 19th, 2017.

Rikard had this to say: "Gungfly was born out of necessity, songs came to life whenever there was downtime with Beardfish or if a song didn't quite fit within Beardfish's (otherwise quite broad and eclectic) frame of styles. I basically started recording songs, mainly pop-oriented material, but being the type of songwriter and musician I am, some prog slipped through the radar as well. With the break-up of Beardfish all of the prog-related material I write needed to go somewhere and Gungfly was ready and able for this step!"

Watch a teaser for the album here:

"I recorded what was to become the first album between 2007 - 2008 and it was released in 2009. The name Gungfly is a Swedish word meaning unsecure ground, and it came from a novel I read where it was used to describe that someone didn't have grounds to back up their statements, so I liked it and chose to call the project that!" Rikard continues: "I've always been writing and recording lots of music and when I formed the live band to perform these songs for the first time I got to pick some of my oldest friends to play with and thankfully they wanted to be part of it! Petter and Rasmus Diamant (yes, they're brothers) on drums and bass have always been the backbone foundation in this line-up and sometimes we actually do gigs as the Gungfly trio. Sverker Magnusson has been behind the keys since the start and was recently joined by Martin Borgh too to be able to cover all of the keyboard work on the albums, so sometimes we do three keyboard players on stage at the same time! This is made possible by the fact that guitarist David Zackrisson (Beardfish) is in the band as well. Me then? I do what I've always done; sing, play guitars and a bunch of vintage keyboards (mainly Hammond organ) - and I have lots of fun."

Rikard Sjöblom is perhaps best known as the multi-instrumentalist frontman of Beardfish, who established themselves as one of the most consistently brilliant modern-day progressive rock bands over the course of eight studio albums. In recent years, he has also become known for his work with English progressive collective Big Big Train, playing live with them as well as performing on their 2016 album 'Folklore'. That year also marked the release of his most recent solo album under his own name, 'The Unbendable Sleep'.

GUNGFLY online:


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Spock's Beard announce original member Nick D'Virgilio to play drums on next album!

Spock's Beard announce original member Nick D'Virgilio to play drums on next album!

Legendary Prog group Spock's Beard are back at work on the follow up to 2015's 'The Oblivion Particle'.  The band are now pleased to announce the return of original member Nick D'Virgilio on drums for the next album.  D'Virgilio played with the group on the recent Cruise to the Edge in Feb following the departure of drummer Jimmy Keegan. 

The band had this to say about the D'Virgilio's return. 

"Spock's Beard is super excited to announce that the amazing Nick D'Virgilio has agreed to play on our next album!

Nick of course is well known to SB fans as our former drummer/lead singer/all around awesome dude as well as for working with artists such as Genesis, Mike Keneally, Peter Gabriel and Big Big Train among others. Nick was with us when we first started and we are over the moon to have him back with us for this album! We know you'll be as excited as we are to hear what we will be able to create with him back pounding the skins. We've been writing new material and plan to start recording in earnest in late May, so stay tuned!"

D'Virgilio was the group's original drummer from 1995-2010 and was the band's lead singer for 4 albums from 2003-2010 before leaving the band.  Vocalist Ted Leonard and drummer Jimmy Keegan were brought into the band following his departure and recorded two albums with that lineup.

The band's 12th studio album 'The Oblivion Particle' was released in August 2015 on InsideOutMusic, and was a successful follow up to the band's 2013 release "Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep", and charted all over the world.   

More info on the upcoming album to come.



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Lonely Robot launches official video for 'Everglow'

Lonely Robot launches official video for 'Everglow'

Lonely Robot, the project masterminded by producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Arena), recently announced that their much-anticipated second studio album 'The Big Dream' will be released on April 28th, 2017. Today sees the launch of the official video for the track 'Everglow', directed by previous collaborator Lee Blackmore. 

Watch it now on VEVO here: 

John Mitchell had this to say: "Everglow is the first song I wrote for The Big Dream, and here is my ace pop video for it. It features what I call an anti-chorus...if you need to vindicate yourself on a public platform you're looking in the wrong place :)"

A series of interview clips were recently launched, where John Mitchell discusses how Lonely Robot came together, and the new album in detail. Watch the latest one here: 

Following 2015's acclaimed debut 'Please Come Home', 'The Big Dream' has a core theme running through it - one that sees The Astronaut, the central character in the Lonely Robot adventure, emerging from a long period in stasis.

Mitchell explains: "The Astronaut wakes up from a cryogenic sleep but finds he's no longer in space, and is instead in a woodland area surrounded by a group of strange people with animal heads! It's a little surreal, a little 'Midsummer Night's Dream' to some extent. This is something of a solipsistic haze, for want of a better description!"

Mitchell explains more about his Lonely Robot concept: "I have always envisaged the storyline of The Astronaut's journey evolving over the course of three albums. And I always knew where I wanted to go with the second album - taking The Astronaut away from space and into a strange and unfamiliar environment. Right now, I have no thoughts of what will happen for the third one but I'd better start thinking about it now!"

"The key inspiration for Lonely Robot comes from my love of science fiction films, and the atmospheric soundtracks that often accompany them - such as Alan Silvestri's compositions for 'Contact' and Clint Mansell's work for 'Moon'."

The album once again features drums by Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson), with all other instrumentation on the album delivered by Mitchell himself.


'The Big Dream' will be available as a special edition digipak CD (including 3 bonus tracks), gatefold 2LP + CD & digital download. 

Pre-order the album from here: 

The track-listing is as follows:
1.     Prologue (Deep Sleep)
2.     Awakenings
3.     Sigma
4.     In Floral Green
5.     Everglow
6.     False Lights
7.     Symbolic
8.     The Divine Art Of Being
9.     The Big Dream
10.  Hello World Goodbye
11.  Epilogue (Sea Beams)

Bonus Tracks:
12.  In Floral Green (Acoustic Version)
13.  The Divine Art Of Being (Acoustic Version)
14.  Why Do We Stay? (feat. Kim Seviour)

At the end of 2015, Lonely Robot played a triumphant show at The Scala in London, and Mitchell wants to play further live dates in 2017, with a few already confirmed. "The only condition is that I want them all to be special; and now we have two albums of material from which to choose the set."

Lonely Robot will be brought to life on stage with Craig Blundell on drums, Steve Vantsis on bass & Liam Holmes on keyboards (pictured above). The following dates are currently confirmed:

Thu, April 27 - Sub89, Reading, UK (album launch show)
Fri, April 28 - Marillion Convention, Leicester, UK
Sat, May 27- Trinity Live, Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa, UK

Lonely Robot's debut album Please Come Home received fantastic reviews upon release, with Prog calling it "one mighty statement of intent" and Fireworks stating it's "one of the finest pieces of Prog Pop".

Look out for more information in the coming weeks at John Mitchell's brand new website:



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March 23rd, 2017 - KANSAS will be expanding their highly successful Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour to more parts of the United States in the fall of 2017! Billboard announced the expansion of the tour in an exclusive article and interview here:

For the first time in its 43-year history, the band is performing the hit album in its entirety. The tour showcases more than two hours of classic KANSAS music including hit songs, deep cuts, and new songs from their new album, The Prelude Implicit.
Based on incredible demand, dates have been confirmed for a final U.S. leg of the Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour across cities such as San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; Houston, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Topeka, KS; Champaign, IL; Wichita, KS; Knoxville, TN; Toledo, OH; Jacksonville, FL; and many more.

"We are having so much fun doing these Leftoverture 40th Anniversary shows, we just want to keep doing them," comments KANSAS guitarist and original member Richard Williams. "We had no idea when we started doing these, last fall, that they would be so popular. When we first started discussing this concept, we were just hoping to be able to do ten of these type shows. We would not have predicted we would end up doing nearly 70 of them. I can't think of a better way to wrap up 2017, before taking a break from the road at the beginning of 2018, to record a new studio album."

Tickets for most new tour dates can be purchased starting on March 31. More information is available at Additional presale and VIP package information will be available at the band's Facebook page

In 1976, KANSAS released the album Leftoverture. Containing the smash hit and million- selling single "Carry On Wayward Son," along with fan favorites such as "The Wall," "Miracles Out Of Nowhere," and "What's On My Mind," Leftoverture became the band's breakthrough album. The album peaked at #5 on Billboard's Album charts and reached sextuple-platinum status with more than six million copies sold. They are performing the album in its entirety on this tour.

The Prelude Implicit, the band's most recent album, which was released on September 23rd, marked KANSAS' biggest selling week in the Soundscan era, and the highest charting release since Power (1986). The album reached #14 on the Top 200 album chart, #41 on the Billboard 200, #5 for Rock Albums, #6 for Physical Albums, #17 on the Vinyl Albums chart and more. The Prelude Implicit is now available for purchase in stores and online at Best Buy, Amazon, Apple Music, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Spotify and Independent Record Shops. 

Links to select retailers can be found below:
iTunes/Apple Music -
Independent Record Shops -

March 24        Salina, KS             The Stiefel Theatre - SOLD OUT
March 25        Tulsa, OK              The Brady Theater
March 31        Des Moines,           IA Hoyt Sherman Place - SOLD OUT
April 1            Peoria, IL              Peoria Civic Center Theater
April 7            Louisville, KY         Louisville Palace
April 9            Charleston, WV     The Clay Center
April 18          Denver, CO           The Paramount
April 20          Salt Lake City, UT  Delta Hall at Eccles Theatre
April 22          Las Vegas, NV       The Smith Center - Reynolds Hall
April 23          Chandler, AZ         Chandler Center for the Arts
April 26          Los Angeles, CA     The Wiltern
April 28          Portland, OR          Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
April 29          Seattle, WA           Moore Theater
July 16           Loreley, Germany   Night of the Prog Festival

August 25         Shreveport, LA            Shreveport Municipal Auditorium
August 26         Baton Rouge, LA         Baton Rouge River Center Theatre
September 8     Santa Rosa, CA           Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
September 9     Stockton, CA               Bob Hope Theatre
September 12   San Francisco, CA        Warfield Theatre
September 13   Thousand Oaks, CA      Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
September 15   Bakersfield, CA            Fox Theater
September 19   San Diego, CA             Poway Center for the Arts
September 21   Wichita Falls, TX          Memorial Auditorium Wichita Falls
September 22   Amarillo, TX                Amarillo Civic Center
September 29   Corpus Christi, TX        Selena Auditorium
September 30   Houston, TX                Cullen Performance Hall
October 6         Topeka, KS                  Topeka Performing Arts Center
October 7         Sioux City, IA              Orpheum Theatre
October 13       Champaign, IL             The Virginia Theatre*
October 14       Evansville, IN               Victory Theatre**
October 20       Dodge City, KS             United Wireless Center
October 21       Wichita, KS                  Hartman Arena
October 27       Knoxville, TN                Knoxville Civic Auditorium
October 28       Huntsville, AL               Mark C. Smith Concert Hall
November 3     Saginaw, MI                 Dow Events Center Theater
November 4     Toledo, OH                   Stranahan Theater
November 10   Waukegan, IL               Genesee Theatre
November 11   Appleton, WI                Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
November 17   Madison, WI                 Capitol Theater
November 18   Minneapolis, MN            State Theatre
November 24   Buffalo, NY                   University at Buffalo Center for the Arts
November 25   Akron, OH                    The Goodyear Theater
December 1     North Charleston, SC     North Charleston Performing Arts Center
December 2     Jacksonville, FL             Florida Theatre
December 8     Pembroke Pines, FL       Pembroke Pines City Center
December 9     The Villages, FL            Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center

*Public On Sale is April 7 at 10AM local time 
**Public On Sale is April 14 at 10AM local time 

For more information on KANSAS and the Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour, 
please visit: 


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