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Crazy World Tour Dates for 2012

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is rocking the UK in 2012

Crazy World are touring the UK supported by the Moulettes.
 Tickets and venue information are available for all dates on the website:
Crazy World Tour 2012
19 OCT
/ 0871 220 0260
20 OCT
/ 0193 850 0810
01 NOV
03 NOV
/ 0818 719 300
09 NOV
BRISTOL, THEKLA / 0844 871 8819
10 NOV
/ 0160 366 0352
17 NOV
/ 0871 220 0260
21 NOV
/ 0844 477 1000
23 NOV
01 DEC
ST HELENS, CITADEL / 0174 473 5436

QUEENSRŸCHE Members Accuse GEOFF TATE Of Interfering With Their Plans To Tour Under Band Name

The legal wrangling between QUEENSRŸCHE members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield and their former frontman Geoff Tate is continuing to play out in King County Superior Court in the state of Washington, with the musicians accusing the singer of refusing to
relinquish control of their web site and other Internet and social media accounts.

Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield defeated Tate's motion for a preliminary injunction on July 13 that would have kept them from touring and operating under the band name,

Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit against Geoff's ex-bandmates on June 22 in King County Superior Court over whether he should be awarded the QUEENSRŸCHE name after being dismissed from the group in June. Their complaint states Rockenfield, Wilton and Jackson wrongfully fired the singer and are tarnishing the group's brand by attempting to move forward without him.

In a July 25 filing in response to Tate's motion to disqualify his ex-bandmates' attorney from representing them
due to a conflict of interest in violation of Washington's Rules of
Professional Conduct (RPCs), Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield wrote, "Since the defeat of the preliminary injunction, Plaintiff Geoff Tate has continued to interfere with Defendants' forward progress to tour under the QUEENSRŸCHE name. This includes refusal to relinquish control of and other Internet and social media accounts, challenging the Defendants from taking control from the registering entity of, and announcing to the national press through a surrogate of Mr. Tate's 'encouragement by the judge' to tour as his own QUEENSRŸCHE. Mr. Tate has also announced on his website his apparent intention to release an album this fall under the moniker 'Voice of QUEENSRŸCHE' and utilizing a stylized version of the QUEENSRŸCHE entity-owned Tri-Ryche symbol. There is no authority in the articles or bylaws of Tri-Ryche Corporation [which controls all QUEENSRŸCHE name and trademark rights] allowing a minority shareholder to use
these corporate assets without authorization from the directors. All parties
expressly agree as stated in prior pleadings and submissions that the
name QUEENSRŸCHE and associated marks belong to the Tri-Ryche Corporation."

Paul Gargano, A&R/product manager for InsideOut Music, which recently signed a deal with Tate to release the singer's upcoming solo album, wrote in an email to, "I would like to clarify something extremely important that is being overlooked by everyone, including Billboard: The injunction [would] not [have] just prevent the three defendants from touring as QUEENSRŸCHE until the claim is settled — it [would have] prevented both parties from touring as QUEENSRŸCHE until the claim is settled. This is critical, because the intention of the injunction was not to prevent Scott, Michael and Eddie from making a living. The intention of both was to protect the future value of the QUEENSRŸCHE brand by eliminating the possibility of there being multiple versions of QUEENSRŸCHE. Not only did the judge deny the injunction on [July 13], she also urged and encouraged that there should be two QUEENSRŸCHE bands moving forward — which is precisely
what the injunction was intended to avoid."

Asked if he had any comment about the nature of Tate's claim, or the nature of the defendants' response to it, Gargano wrote to, "Bands of QUEENSRŸCHE's stature are businesses, not weekend hobbies. What is overlooked in the
emotion surrounding this case is that the lawsuit has been filed because of a dispute over the band's bylaws. The case will ultimately be
decided by a judge, based on nothing more than how the law and legal
precedent can be applied to the band's corporate structure. Sadly, no
matter the outcome, the only real winners are going to be the lawyers
that get to charge by the hour."

If the case goes to trial, the date is set for November 18, 2013.

In the meantime, Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield, along with QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Parker Lundgren and new lead singer Todd La Torre (also of CRIMSON GLORY) have launched a new web site at

The new QUEENSRŸCHE lineup will make its official live debut as the headliner of the last day of this year's Halfway Jam, which is taking place July 26-28 in Royalton, Minnesota. Also scheduled to appear at the three-day event are ENUFF Z'NUFF, LYNCH MOB, STRYPER, BANG TANGO, TRIXTER, JACKYL, BLACKFOOT, MOLLY HATCHET and .38 SPECIAL.

Lundgren was briefly married to Geoff's stepdaughter Miranda; they have since divorced.

MASTODON And FEIST Release Digital Version Of Record Store Day Split Single 'Feistodon'

Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON and Canadian singer-songwriter Feist have announced that they have released a digital version of their popular seven-inch vinyl single, "A Commotion" / "Black Tongue" via Warner Bros. Records and Cherrytree/Interscope Records. The tracks are available at all participating digital retailers. This
highly sought-after release also includes a special interactive "A Commotion" music video directed by Vice Cooler, and also premiere today on and The video is launched by an HTML5 "Feistodon" video app that allows users to crossfade between Feist and MASTODON's versions of the "A Commotion" to make their own unique versions.

The "Feistodon" split-single was one of the most in-demand exclusives during Record Store Day this past April 21. It features MASTODON covering the Feist song "A Commotion", from her current highly acclaimed current album "Metals" (Interscope) while Feist covers MASTODON's "Black Tongue" — a track from the rock band's critically lauded present album "The Hunter". Only 5000 color vinyl seven-inch singles were pressed up and sold out instantly.

"It's a wet dream to have MASTODON take one of my songs and put it into their massive machine," Feist told

"We didn't tell her what to do, and she didn't tell us what to do," says MASTODON guitarist Bill Kelliher. "'A Commotion' just kind of stuck out to me. I could hear the opening riff, a single A-note."

Feist told that she based her decision on which MASTODON song to cover by finding a track whose lyrics resonated with her the most. "MASTODON fans would probably be disappointed to know that I actually didn't know MASTODON very well," She says. "I actually went onto one of those lyric
websites, and I scrolled through 50 songs and just narrowed it down to
the ones I thought I could wrap myself around the words. 'Black Tongue' is speaking in my kind of elemental language — about diamond and earth
and sky. It's all just in a language that I already sort of speak
lyrically. It was pretty easy to climb into that one."

In a recent interview with Sweden's Metalshrine, MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor explained how the single idea came about. "We did [the BBC television show 'Later... With Jools Holland'], and right after we got off stage, we went backstage and and we were in the hallway with [Feist], and she was talking to [MASTODON vocalist/guitarist] Brent [Hinds]. They were involved in a conversation and were just like, 'Yeah, let's
do that! We should do it for Record Store Day!' Something out of left
field and something we'd like to be involved with more of."

added, "It's fun for us. I mean, most times we end up doing covers of
bands that are already sort of heavy or that is already in that vein,
what I mean? What are you gonna do to those songs to make them your own? It's kinda difficult and especially with stuff like METALLICA or the MELVINS where we're so kinda familiar and in love with the versions that METALLICA and the MELVINS and THIN LIZZY have created, you wanna make it sound like theirs because that's what
you're so used to hearing. You don't really wanna mess with it. With Feist, it's something that we could really play with and do something different with."

MASTODON, BRUTAL TRUTH Side Project PRIMATE Schedules In-Store Performance, Signing

Following the very recent release of their debut LP "Draw Back A Stump" internationally via Relapse Records, Atlanta grind punks PRIMATE have confirmed a local release show to unleash the beast to their local hordes. The quintet will antagonize Atlanta's most raging metallians
this Friday, August 3 at an in-store performance at local indie shop Criminal Records. Doors for this free show are at 7 p.m. The members of PRIMATE will be available to sign records and meet fans following their set.

PRIMATE features the distinctive vocal stylings of Kevin Sharp (BRUTAL TRUTH), ripping fret-board antics by Bill Kelliher (MASTODON) and Mike Brennan, SST-style bass work and backing vocals by Dave Whitworth, and is rounded out by d-beat defender Shayne Huff.

After seeing a limited release by the band directly via a 1,000-run CD pressing in March 2011, PRIMATE's crushing "Draw Back A Stump" received an official worldwide Relapse release on July 3 on CD, LP and deluxe digital download. The seven
hymns from the initial version now include additional rhythm guitars and have been remixed and remastered, and are joined with three additional
previously-unreleased bonus tracks on this edition.

An all-star
band comprised of extreme music scene vets hellbent on delivering
Grade-A punk the likes of which has not been set loose on the ears of
the world since the glory days hardcore, PRIMATE channel decades
of international extreme music influences into a glorious record of
hellish rage all their own. Upon its initial release Decibel magazine praised "Draw Back A Stump", calling it "grind with elements of classic U.K. crust, Swedish D-beat
and American hardcore, plus just enough experimentation to create the
aural equivalent of a watch throwing springs and gears in every
direction while keeping perfect time," with Metal-Army America adding "'Draw Back A Stump' has all the bells and whistles of old-school hardcore and the best of modern sludgey-grind" and Grind To Death boasted the record is "like no other grind I have heard...borrowing
from the crisp clean metal stylings and structures merged with the
rhythmical pogo stick bouncings of punk to make its own blend of music."

"Draw Back A Stump" track listing:

01. Draw Back A Stump
02. Global Division
03. Hellbound
04. Silence of Violence [bonus]
05. Drinking and Driving
06. March of the Curmudgeon [bonus]
07. Wasted Youth
08. Pride
09. Get The Fuck Off My Lawn [bonus]
10. Reform?


Kevin Sharp - Vocals
Mike Brennan - Guitar
Bill Kelliher - Guitar
Dave Whitworth - Bass/Vocals
Shayne Huff - Drums

DESTINY POTATO signs to Century Media Records; posts new track, "Dark Side of You"

CM Header

DESTINY POTATO signs to Century Media Records; posts new track, "Dark Side of You"

Century Media is happy to announce the signing of the Serbian-based band, DESTINY POTATO.  

"Just a few months after we officially formed the band we got an opportunity to play our first show at Euroblast 2011 where we met some boys and gals from Century Media as they came to hear/see us play. Not long after the fest we got in touch with them and after months of negotiations we are finally here and really looking forward to an amazing collaboration with all the great people in and around this label." -- DESTINY POTATO

Officially formed in the spring of 2011, DESTINY POTATO mastermind, David Maxim Micic and singer Aleksandra Djelmas had been writing and recording songs together since they were 16. Maxim and Djelmas attended the same high school and both their fathers played in one of Serbia's most popular progressive rock bands, YU GRUPA.

"I officially met Alex in a music class," says Maxim. "We knew our father's played together so we first started talking about that, then we realized we both loved pop music and would get together after school and write lots of piano based tunes with dreams of one day having a number one song on the pop charts."

Following high school, Maxim attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. It was there a friend introduced him to some heavier sounds, namely the UK based tech metal band, SIKTH.

"From there I just started discovering so much more metal music. I decided to do a solo album inspired by these bands as well as Serbian and other Eastern European music (Maxim has self released 2 solo albums thus far, the Bilo series, volumes 1.0 and 2.0) though some of the heavier sounds also started to be incorporated into the music Alex and I were working on."

Maxim and Djelmas worked with a few other people during this time and began uploading songs and clips online. When deciding on band name, they wanted to come up with something light-hearted to fit their personalities, yet something that everyone would remember. DESTINY POTATO was chosen.

"I really have no idea what it means or where it actually came from," comments Maxim.

When the organizers of the annual Euroblast Festival reached out to Maxim about playing the 2011 edition of the fest, they originally wanted him to perform solo, but he convinced them to add DESTINY POTATO instead. What he didn't tell them was there was no actual band. When the organizers agreed to add them, Maxim and Djelmas assembled one, featuring a popular Serbian singer Ana Maglica as a second vocalist and drummer Milan Yeqy, and performed their first ever show in front of a sold out crowd. In attendance were representatives of Century Media Records, who spoke to the band and later signed them to a worldwide deal.

"I guess not much has changed with Alex and I over the years," says Maxim. "We are still best friends and I guess would still love to have a song on top of the charts, maybe not the pop charts, though. Do they have a metal/pop chart? If so, that would be our great. I want to hear that famous American DJ say 'you've just heard DESTINY POTATO, now onto our long distance dedication...haha'"

The band is currently wrapping up the recording of their debut album, to be released via Century Media in early 2013, but have posted the following rough mix of the track, "Dark Side of You" here:

DESTINY POTATO will once again be playing this year's Euroblast festival, set to take place in Cologne, Germany October 19th-21st.

DESTINY POTATO lineup 2012
Aleksandra Djelmas - vocals, piano
Ana Little Fog Maglica - vocals, violin
David Maxim Micic - guitar, keyboards and production
Milan Jejina Yeqy - drums
Bojan Kvocka - bass
Dusan Vanja Andrijasevic - guitar

Potatoes Gonna Potate...

Press opportunities for DESTINY POTATO are available, so please contact to schedule!

Nikki Law 
Publicist/Metal Radio
Century Media Records
2323 W. El Segundo Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
P: (323) 418-1400 ext. 141