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New Orb Album To Feature Pink Floyd's David Gilmour

From written by Sean Michaels
Ambient house duo use prog-rock guitarist's jam sessions as basis for forthcoming album Metallic Spheres
After leaving Roger Waters to tour Pink Floyd songs on his own, David Gilmour has entered into an altogether different collaboration – with the Orb. The ambient house act have completed their tenth studio album, and it's chock full of Gilmour's guitar.

Metallic Spheres, due on 4 October, is credited to the Orb "featuring David Gilmour". The 10 songs began with Gilmour alone in the studio, jamming with producer Youth. The Orb's Alex Paterson took these unfinished tracks and manipulated them. Youth's bass and keyboards appear alongside Gilmour's lap steel and electric guitar, described in a press release as, er, "discernible".

The Orb's most recent album, last year's Baghdad Batteries, sank with nary a trace. According to David Gilmour's blog, the Pink Floyd frontman did not work "with" the Orb – he was just mucking about with Youth, the former bassist in Killing Joke, and Paterson decided to cut and paste this work into an entire LP. Royalties from the album will reportedly go to the legal campaign of Gary McKinnon, a Glasgow-born hacker who is fighting extradition to the US. Gilmour has previously supported the Free Gary campaign with a cover of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's song Chicago, an ambient version of which may appear on Metallic Spheres.

In addition to CD, LP and download releases, Metallic Spheres will also be pressed in a "3D60 mix". This is a new "three-dimensional" audio format developed by Youth and two other engineers, and apparently doesn't require special equipment. More information, and samples, can be found here. For those who wish to experience the Orb in real, actual 3D, Paterson will appear next month at the Out of the Ordinary festival in Sussex.

As for Pink Floyd, although there seems little chance of a tour, Gilmour and Waters reunited for a one-off charity gig last month. Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson, recorded the concert, which you can view

RUSH: 'Beyond The Lighted Stage' DVD Certified Double Platinum

The two-disc DVD release of the award-winning documentary about legendary Canadian trio RUSH, called "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage", has been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments in excess of 100,000 copies. (Note: Due to the fact that the set consists of two discs, it was eligible for platinum certification after shipping 50,000 copies; platinum certification for a single-disc release is 100,000 copies.)

According to Nielsen SoundScan, "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" has sold around 82,000 copies in the U.S. so far.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson told The Pulse of Radio that it wasn't until he saw the film himself that he thought there was actually an interesting story to tell about the band. "It's just kind of a, you know, a success story — kids from the suburbs have a dream and they live their dream," he said. "And everybody can relate to that. There's been quite a dynamic in the band, a lot of stuff has happened, so there was a story to tell there. And I don't think I really realized there was one until we actually saw a rough cut and how they pieced it all together and the chronology and the ebbs and flows of the story."

RUSH bassist Geddy Lee told that the band was initially hesitant when approached by filmmakers Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen about making a documentary, saying, "We thought, 'How foolish are these guys?' We're just this dull band. I remember [drummer] Neil [Peart] asked them rather pointedly, 'What's your angle? What's the story you want to tell?' They said, 'Well, to be honest, we don't know.' We liked that and said, 'Good luck, let you know what you want us to do.'"

"Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" won the Audience Choice Award at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival this past April.

RUSH began a 40-date North American tour on June 29 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The trek features the band's first-ever performance of its 1981 album "Moving Pictures" in its entirety.

The band recently released two new tracks, "Caravan" and "BU2B", online and will return to the studio after the tour to complete its next album, titled "Clockwork Angels".

Dream Theater Members Weigh In On Portnoy's Departure

Three of the remaining DREAM THEATER members — singer James LaBrie, guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess — have issued separate statements commenting further on the departure of drummer Mike Portnoy, the band's co-founder and leader for 25 years.

James LaBrie: "Thought I would give you time to digest the news of Mike's departure.

"Mike stated that he was burnt out with the DREAM THEATER world and needed a break.

"We have to respect where he is at and where this will lead him at this particular point in time. With that being said, we are more than pumped to continue the legacy of DREAM THEATER and jump full on into the next chapter. Rest assured, it will be great. You can count on it."

John Petrucci: "Obviously you've all heard the news of Mike's departure from DREAM THEATER by now. I felt it important to open up a line of communication in an effort to kill any rumors and to promote clarity.

"I love Mike and really hope he's happy and successful in whatever he does.

"I realize that Mike was always the one to actively stay in touch with our fans, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to try to be at least a bit more present on both mine and DREAM THEATER's websites and to let you all know that I am here.

"To me, DREAM THEATER's story is one of defying the odds, standing for true integrity in music and creating our own success through perseverance and hard work, so although Mike's leaving is heartbreaking, I still look forward to an amazing musical journey that continues on with some of the most talented and respected musicians and composers on the planet!"

Jordan Rudess: "Everyone is asking me to comment on my thoughts about Mike Portnoy leaving DREAM THEATER and this huge change that has happened in all of our lives. I have always been able to express my feelings and do my best 'talking' through music, so I decided to voice my statement in this improvisation [see video below]. Hope you 'understand.'"

Portnoy, who is currently out with AVENGED SEVENFOLD as their touring drummer, said of his decision to quit DREAM THEATER, "Please believe me that it is not a hasty decision . . . it is something I have struggled with for the last year or so . . . After having had such amazing experiences playing with HAIL!, TRANSATLANTIC and AVENGED SEVENFOLD this past year, I have sadly come to the conclusion that I have recently had more fun and better personal relations with these other projects than I have for a while now in DREAM THEATER."

Portnoy added, "I love the DREAM THEATER guys dearly and have a long history, friendship and bond that runs incredibly deep with them — it's just that I think we are in serious need of a little break."

The drummer said that DREAM THEATER's "endless write/record/tour cycle for almost 20 years" was the main factor in his decision. He said he wanted a "break," not a "split," but that the band decided to move forward without him.

Portnoy added in a separate post on Facebook that his current gig with AVENGED SEVENFOLD had nothing to do with his departure from DREAM THEATER, writing, "They are just as shocked as you guys."

AVENGED recruited Portnoy to play on its new album, "Nightmare", following the death last December of the band's drummer, James "The Rev" Sullivan. Portnoy was Sullivan's favorite drummer.

Singer M. Shadows told The Pulse of Radio that Portnoy has done a tremendous job filling in for their late bandmate. "He's done everything with the utmost respect for Jimmy's drumming and I think he's gained a lot of respect for Jimmy's drumming," M. Shadows said. "You know, he's had to learn these songs going, 'Man, these are complicated drum parts, this guy was a hell of a drummer.' And it's fun because, you know, Mike gets to see that, but Mike's also able to sit there and bring his own style to it."

DREAM THEATER said in its own statement, "All of us in DREAM THEATER wholeheartedly wish Mike the best on his musical journey. We have had a long and meaningful career together. It is our true hope that he finds all he is looking for, and that he achieves the happiness he deserves. He will be missed."

URIAH HEEP To Release 'Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010'

Legendary progressive rock veterans URIAH HEEP have announced plans to release a new live album, "Official Bootleg Volume II – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010". The band states, "This is an official bootleg recording from our concert in the Petofi Hall, Budapest Hungary, on the 4th May 2010.

"There are going to be many more recordings from around the world, as this will be an ongoing series, giving fans the chance to hear the band in many different countries.

"These recordings are true official bootlegs in every sense and they reflect that nights performance as it happened, totally untouched. You can almost feel that you are at the concert, so put the CD on, turn it up loud, close your eyes and enjoy a night in Budapest with URIAH HEEP."

The official release date for "Official Bootleg Volume II – Live in Budapest, Hungary 2010" has not yet been announced.

"Celebration", the latest album from URIAH HEEP, was released in North America on March 16, 2010 via a new deal between DisManic Distribution and Knife Fight Media.

HEEP history has been an extraordinary journey and it was time that their greatest classics were recorded in studio by the lineup playing them live to fans all over the world for more than 20 years.

For "Celebration", the band re-recorded twelve of their most successful songs — classics like "Free Me", "Gypsy", "The Wizard", "Easy Livin'", and, of course, their all-time smash hit "Lady in Black". In addition to that, they composed and recorded two completely new songs as a special gift to their fans: "Only Human" and "Corridors of Madness", two of their best tracks in years.

URIAH HEEP's progressive heavy metal made the British band one of the most popular hard rock groups of the early '70s. Formed by guitarist Mick Box and vocalist David Byron in the late '60s, URIAH HEEP released their debut album "Very 'eavy... Very 'umble" in 1970. Since then the band has released 21 studio albums and played to millions of fans across the globe.

URIAH HEEP remains one of British rock's most consistent and long-standing acts, with album sales of over 30 million worldwide.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mike Portnoy Elaborates On Departure Decision From Dream Theater

Drummer Mike Portnoy says that his current involvement with AVENGED SEVENFOLD had nothing to do with his decision to quit DREAM THEATER, the band he formed and led for 25 years. "I BEG of the fans to please NOT hold [AVENGED SEVENFOLD] responsible for MY decision... They are just as shocked as you guys," Mike writes on his Facebook page. He adds, "I had been contemplating this and desiring a 'break' (not split) [from DREAM THEATER] as long ago as last year. Everything else is fully explained in the press release" that Mike issued yesterday announcing his split from DREAM THEATER. Portnoy continues, "Thank you all for your support and understanding... This is the hardest thing I've ever done."

Portnoy made his live debut as AVENGED SEVENFOLD's current touring drummer on July 25 when the band played at the Heavy MTL festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Portnoy also recorded the drum parts on the group's newly released album, "Nightmare".

"Nightmare" was completed after the death of drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, who passed away last December following an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol.

When asked in a recent interview with Goldmine about his involvement with AVENGED SEVENFOLD, Portnoy said, "It's an honor for me to have been kind of hand-picked and asked to do this, because of the situation. You know, when I went in and did the album, it was something I was honored to do. I wanted to be really careful to bring The Rev's drum parts to life for this album. They lost their brother at an unbelievably early age. You know, he was only 28, so it was a tragedy that they had to endure. I wanted to go in there and carry on his legacy with the drum parts he was supposed to be playing. So, I did my job, and we had such a good time with each other on a personal level … The guys are really cool guys, and I really enjoyed making the record with them. And I told them, if I was able to tour with them, I would love to do it."


Drummer Mike Portnoy of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER has released the following statement:

"I am about to write something I never imagined I'd ever write.

"After 25 years, I have decided to leave DREAM THEATER... the band I founded, led and truly loved for a quarter of a century.

"To many people this will come as a complete shock, and will also likely be misunderstood by some, but please believe me that it is not a hasty is something I have struggled with for the last year or so....

"After having had such amazing experiences playing with HAIL!, TRANSATLANTIC and AVENGED SEVENFOLD this past year, I have sadly come to the conclusion that I have recently had more fun and better personal relations with these other projects than I have for a while now in DREAM THEATER.

"Please don't misinterpret me, I love the DREAM THEATER guys dearly and have a long history, friendship and bond that runs incredibly deep with them... it's just that I think we are in serious need of a little break.

"DREAM THEATER was always my baby...and I nurtured that baby every single day and waking moment of my life since 1985... 24/7, 365... never taking time off from DREAM THEATER's never-ending responsibilites (even when the band was 'off' between cycles)... working overtime and way beyond the call of duty that most sane people ever would do for a band.

"But I've come to the conclusion that the DREAM THEATER machine was starting to burn me out...and I really needed a break from the band in order to save my relationship with the other members and keep my DREAM THEATER spirit hungry and inspired.

"We have been on an endless write/record/tour cycle for almost 20 years now (of which I have overseen EVERY aspect without a break) and while a few months apart from each other here and there over the years has been much needed and helpful, I honestly hoped the band could simply agree with me to taking a bit of a 'hiatus' to recharge our batteries and 'save me from ourselves'...

"Sadly, in discussing this with the guys, they determined they do not share my feelings and have decided to continue without me rather than take a breather... I even offered to do some occasional work throughout 2011 against my initial wishes, but it was not to be...

"While it truly hurts for me to even think of a DREAM THEATER without Mike Portnoy (hell, my father named the band!!), I do not want to stand in their I have decided to sacrifice myself and simply leave the band so as to not hold them back against their wishes.

"Strangely enough, I just read an interview that I recently did that asked me about the future of DREAM THEATER and I talked about 'always following your heart and being true to yourself'... Sadly, I must say that at this particular moment, my heart is not with DREAM THEATER...and I would simply be 'going through the motions,' and would honestly NOT be true to myself if I stayed for the sake of obligation without taking the break I felt I needed.

"I wish the guys the best and hope the music and legacy we created together is enjoyed by fans for decades to come... I am proud of every album we made, every song we wrote and every show we played....

"I'm sorry to all the disappointed DREAM THEATER fans around the world... I really tried to salvage the situation and make it work... I honestly just wanted a break (not a split)... but happiness cannot be forced, it needs to come from within.

"You DREAM THEATER fans are the greatest fans in the world and as you all know, I have always busted my ass for you guys and I hope that you will stay with me on my future musical journey, wherever it may lead me.... (and as you all know my work ethic, there will surely be no shortage of future Mike Portnoy projects!)"

Dream Theater Makes Official Statement On Portnoy Departure

Progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER have released the following statement regarding the departure of the band's drummer, Mike Portnoy:

"To all of our loyal fans and friends: It is with profound sadness — regret — we announce that Mike Portnoy, our lifelong drummer and friend, has decided to leave DREAM THEATER.

"Mike's stature in the band has meant the world to all of us professionally, musically, and personally over the years. There is no dispute: Mike has been a major force within this band.

"While it is true that Mike is choosing to pursue other ventures and challenges, we can assure you that DREAM THEATER will continue to move forward with the same intensity — and in the same musical tradition — that you have all helped make so successful, and which is truly gratifying to us.

"Fans and friends: File this episode under 'Black Clouds and Silver Linings.'

"As planned, we begin recording our newest album in January 2011, and we'll follow that with a full-on world tour.

"'The Spirit Carries On.'

"All of us in DREAM THEATER wholeheartedly wish Mike the best on his musical journey. We have had a long and meaningful career together. It is our true hope that he finds all he is looking for, and that he achieves the happiness he deserves. He will be missed."

DREAM THEATER supported IRON MAIDEN on a North American tour which kicked off on June 9 in Dallas, Texas and concluded on July 20 in Washington, D.C.

DREAM THEATER's latest album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", sold 40,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart.

DREAM THEATER's last CD, "Systematic Chaos", opened with 36,000 units in 2007 to enter The Billboard 200 chart at No. 19. 2005's "Octavarium" premiered with 27,000 copies to debut at No. 36.

In addition to the standard-version CD, DREAM THEATER's tenth studio album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", was also made available on vinyl LP, as well as a three-disc, special-edition CD that includes the full album, a CD of instrumental mixes of the album and a CD of six cover songs.

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KATATONIA Kicks Off North American Tour

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Katatonia, Sweden's premiere progressive metal outfit, has launched two special contest giveaways in celebration of their headlining US tour, the "Night Over North America" tour, which is set to kick off today in Baltimore. Head over to and enter for a chance to win a grand prize of a Mayones Guitar played and autographed by Katatonia from their US tour, as well as the tour edition of Night Is The New Day, a Mayones Guitar t-shirt, plus a choice of a t-shirt from Katatonia's merch store powered by Omerch. A runner-up will get the new CD and their choice of t-shirt as well. Check out the contest HERE

Katatonia is also offering fans that purchase a VIP ticket for an upcoming "Night Over North America" date on the chance to win a Peavey Millennium BXP 5-string bass guitar. This contest is open to all VIP ticket buyers, including those who purchased a VIP ticket prior to this announcement. All VIP ticket holders will be admitted into the venue before the doors open for a special meet-and-greet with the band, and everyone who purchases a VIP ticket will be automatically entered to win the bass guitar. It's a win-win situation; so get your VIP ticket today before it's too late!

Swallow The Sun and Orphaned Land will round out the tour's impressive package, as they accompany Katatonia on their first tour of North America since 2007.

To coincide with the 26-date US and Canadian tour, Peaceville Records has released a special edition of the acclaimed 2009 studio album, Night Is The New Day, in a hardback mediabook, with 20 page booklet, and bonus track, "Ashen".

The track list for the Night Is The New Day special edition is:
1.) Forsaker
2.) The Longest Year
3.) Idle Blood
4.) Onward Into Battle
5.) Liberation
6.) The Promise Of Deceit
7.) Nephilim
8.) New Night
9.) Inheritance
10.) Day and Then The Shade
11.) Ashen* (Exclusive Bonus Track)
12.) Departer

Night is the New Day is Katatonia's eighth studio album. It was recorded throughout July 2009 and was co-produced, engineered and mixed by David Castillo. A continuation of the heaviness, depth and atmosphere of their previous album, Night Is the New Day is also a more multi-dimensional effort - waltzing between prog moments, doom, folk and the classic melodic anthems that are the staple of Katatonia's uncompromising sound.

Katatonia has been relentlessly touring across Europe in support of their 2009 full-length release, Night is the New Day, which sold over 2,000 copies in the US in its first week. The band also released an EP, 'The Longest Year', earlier this spring. The latest music video for the EP's title track can be viewed HERE

Now the band is set to unleash their brand of melancholy metal on North America, headlining the sponsored, "Night Over North America" tour. A teaser trailer for the tour can be seen HERE

Stay tuned for more information on Katatonia, Night Is The New Day, and the "Night Over North America" tour.

Sept. 8 - Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
Sept. 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
Sept. 10 - New York, NY @ The Gramercy Theatre
Sept .11 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Sept. 12 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Petit Campus
Sept. 13 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Opera House
Sept. 14 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
Sept. 15 - Detroit, MI @ Blondie´s
Sept. 16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Rave
Sept. 17 - Chicago, IL @ Reggies Rock Club
Sept. 18 - St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
Sept. 21 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Sept. 22 - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
Sept. 23 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Sept. 24 - San Francisco, CA @ The Parkside
Sept. 25 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theatre
Sept. 26 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
Sept. 28 - Mesa, AZ @ U.B.´s Bar
Sept. 29 - Tucson, AZ @ Club DV8
Sept. 30 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
Oct. 1 - Austin, TX @ Emo's Alternative Lounging
Oct. 2 - Houston, TX @ Meridian
Oct. 4 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Oct. 5 - Louisville, KY @ Uncle Pleasants
Oct. 6 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
Oct. 7 - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PATHOSRAY Parts Ways With Guitarist, Announces Replacement

Italian progressive metal band PATHOSRAY has parted ways with guitarist Alessio Velliscig due to "artistic differences" and has replaced him with Antonio Petris.

Commented the group: "Antonio has been working with PATHOSRAY's basisst, Fabio D'Amore, for a few years now on several projects.

"The band found he brought a level of energy and artistic contribution that will be useful to the creation of the upcoming album."

Added Antonio, "I am given this great opportunity to join a band like PATHOSRAY and I am really happy about the way we started working together! I am definitely thankful to the guys for giving me this chance. Playing with these musicians puts me in a higher gear and I am sure that they will certainly give me a lot of satisfaction in the future!"

Antonio made his live debut with PATHOSRAY on July 31.

PATHOSRAY's second album, "Sunless Skies", was released last year via Frontiers Records. The CD was recorded at Artesonika Studios in Italy and mixed and mastered in Sweden by Johan Ornborg and Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (SYMPHONY X, HAMMERFALL, OPETH, KATATONIA).

PATHOSRAY was formed in 2000 by drummer Ivan Moni Bidin and vocalist Marco Sandron, later joined by bass player Fabio D'Amore, keyboardist Gianpaolo Rinaldi, and guitarist Alessio Velliscig. The band released its self-titled debut album through Sensory Records in late 2007.


Marco Sandron - Vocals
Fabio D'Amore - Bass, Backing Vocals
Antonio Petris - Guitar
Ivan Moni Bidin - Drums
Gianpaolo Rinaldi - Keyboards

MIND KEY Announces New Drummer

Italian progressive metallers MIND KEY have announced the addition of drummer Mirkko De Maio to the group's ranks. The band states, "We're happy because we think that Mirkko is the right man for his musical background, his experience (although he's quite young) and mainly for his incredible energy and taste in playing drums. We think he's the right musician to continue MIND KEY's musical path and we can't wait to return on stage to show you what an amazing musician Mirkko is. He's a fuckin' metal drummer guys, you'll notice!"

MIND KEY's second album, "Pulse For A Graveheart", was released in July 2009 via Frontiers Records.

MIND KEY debuted in 2004 with "Journey Of A Rough Diamond", an album that showed the excellent potential of the Neapolitan combo. With a colourful sound, akin to such prog metal giants as DREAM THEATER, SYMPHONY X, EVERGREY and PAIN OF SALVATION, MIND KEY's music also leaned towards a more mature and song-oriented approach inspired by '80/'90s hard rock. Right before the release of the album, the original frontman Mark Basile left the group and in preparation of the tour dates, the guys met for the first time Aurelio Fierro Jr., a singer with a vast experience especially in theatres. He was able to give some splendid performances especially in the gigs that the band landed as support of DREAM THEATER for the Italian "Train Of Thought Tour 2004".

MIND KEY played more live dates in support of VISION DIVINE and PENDRAGON and also appeared at the Progpower Europe festival, with shows in Poland, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and France. During the Polish dates, a live DVD, "Habemus Poland", was recorded, with Giorgio Adamo as frontman. However he soon left to make space for the return of Aurelio Fierro. Founding member and keyboardist Dario De Cicco explains: "We decided to go for Aurelio at the end of the songwriting sessions. Note after note, chord after chord, we realized that the songs begged for Aurelio's voice and it seemed almost a necessary decision to make. I think we did the right choice as only with his astonishing performances we were able to reach what we really wanted from the new material."

The band began the recording of the second album, "Pulse for a Graveheart", simplifying their songwriting and giving the chance to Fierro to showcase his immense vocal potential which can be described as a powerful mix of Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale and Jorn Lande. The album was later mixed and mastered by none other than Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, ANGRA, KROKUS, PLACE VENDOME) to ensure the best sounding quality. According to guitarist Emanuele Colella, "We knew from the beginning that Dennis was the right choice! Since the first communication together a perfect synergy was built. He could understand our need and desire to combine a modern melodic metal sound with our progressive roots and an heavier edge. He could totally deliver what we and the music needed, he's just great."

"Pulse for a Graveheart" features guest appearances by Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER, ALICE COOPER), who plays a keyboard solo on "Citizen of Greed", Reb Beach (WHITESNAKE, WINGER) on "Now Until Forever", and Tom Englund from EVERGREY, dueting with Elio Fierro on "Graveheart".

MIKE PORTNOY No Longer Involved With ÅKERFELDT/WILSON Collaboration Project

PORCUPINE TREE's Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt from OPETH have set "Storm Corrosion" have set as the working album title of their much-anticipated collaboration project.

In a brand new interview with U.K.'s Classic Rock, Åkerfeldt revealed that the writing process for the CD is now well under way.

"I got together recently with Steven at his house, and we wrote a new tune straight away," says Åkerfeldt. "Of course, with the two of us involved, it was 10 minutes long. And it came out so well that we started working on a second one as well."

Although DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy was initially supposed to be part of the project, it now appears that he will no longer be involved.

"To be honest, there's just no room for drums on what we've done so far. I called Mike up, and he was cool about it. He's got so much going on anyway, and I'm sure we will work together in the future."

Regarding the overall musical direction of "Storm Corrosion", Wilson wrote in a recent Twitter posting, "Don't expect any metal on this one."

RUSH: '2112 & Moving Pictures' DVD/Blu-Ray Due This Month

It's been a banner year for the award-winning "Classic Albums" series. The most recent editions explore ground-breaking releases by TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS and BLACK SABBATH. The latest edition tackles not one, but TWO epic albums from progressive rock powerhouse RUSH. "Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures Classic Albums" will be simultaneously released on DVD and Blu-ray via Eagle Rock Entertainment's Eagle Vision subsidiary on September 28. [MSRP $14.98 for DVD, $19.98 for Blu-ray]

Continuing the tradition of this celebrated series, "2112 & Moving Pictures Classic Albums" carries us through the creation of these musical masterpieces via brand new interviews, demonstrations, archive videos, and use of the original multi-track tapes. The titan trio of bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer Neil Peart, joined by original producer Terry Brown, weigh in on the mammoth melodies, resounding riffs, and dynamic drum fills behind these immense aural soundscapes. Many others contribute to the commentary, such as FOO FIGHTERS drummer Taylor Hawkins and acclaimed Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke. 112 minutes in total, this DVD digs even deeper with 50 minutes of bonus material not included in the upcoming VH1 Classic broadcast (airing September 8 at 9:30 p.m. and September 9 at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.).

These legendary albums mark pivotal points in RUSH's career. "2112", released in 1976, broke the band into major music chart domination, going #1 in their native Canada and in the Top 75 in the USA, where it was certified triple platinum. "Moving Pictures" added fuel to their rising stardom, opening them up to a mass audience with heavy-hitting hits like "Tom Sawyer". Going #1 and quadruple platinum in Canada, as well as hitting #3 in the USA and the U.K., this 1981 release remains their biggest selling album to date. RUSH is currently performing this album in its entirely on its "Time Machine" tour. "Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures Classic Albums" is a perfect encapsulation of what made these albums successful, and why they are revered to this day.