Saturday, March 1, 2014

DREAM THEATER To Release New Content For 360° App

Progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER have successfully introduced their first 360° App (iOS). The DreamTheater360° App includes, among other standard content, five 360° interactive songs performed at the Luna Park show in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August 2012.
After fans' enthusiastic reviews of DreamTheater360° App and lots of demand for more Luna Park songs, DREAM THEATER and Mativision (multi-camera 360° video technology) will soon start to release the remaining songs performed at Luna Park. The decision about which songs to include in the next 360° App update will be made by fans, who will have the opportunity to vote online for the sequence of the songs released.
The DreamTheater360° App is offered at $9.99 and will constantly be updated with new 360° content at no additional cost.
The DreamTheater360° App in its first release included five interactive songs filmed and produced using the Mativision technology, which virtually transports fans directly onto the Luna Park stage right next to the band members and completely immerses them in a unique experience that they can control in real time. Each fan can direct the show by manipulating Mativision's multi-camera iOS player, and enjoy the concert in any way they want. They can seamlessly choose to switch from among six different cameras while also being able to rotate camera angles by taping and dragging, or by using the device's built-in gyroscope. Fans can even zoom in and out or simply switch to "auto pilot" mode and enjoy the show without interaction.
With this groundbreaking app, DREAM THEATER aims to share with fans all the intense moments of a live performance from right beside them on stage, and provide fans with true interactivity to experience the onstage moments with complete freedom.
Along with the unique interactive 360° content, the DreamTheater360° App also includes enriched up-to-date band-related content such as a biography, discography, photos, and continuously updated tour information, news, and social media.

The DreamTheater360° App is available from the iOS AppStore.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

GEOFF TATE And Former Bandmates Request Four More Weeks To Hammer Out QUEENSRŸCHE Settlement

Singer Geoff Tate — who was fired from the Seattle progressive rock band QUEENSRŸCHE in 2012 after fronting it for three decades — and his former bandmates have once again requested more time to hammer out a settlement in their legal battle over the rights to the group's name.
King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus has signed a new order continuing trial date, allowing the parties four more weeks to come to an agreement over the use of the QUEENSRŸCHE name and its associated trademarks. If they cannot reach an agreement during that period, the five-day, non-jury trial is set to begin on April 7.
Tate and his former bandmates were previously granted five additional weeks in two separate trial continuances in January and February to work on the details of their settlement agreement.
Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit in June 2012 asking the judge to award them the rights to the band's name in exchange for Tate paying Eddie Jackson (bass), Michael Wilton (guitar) and Scott Rockenfield (drums) the fair market value for their interests in the QUEENSRŸCHE companies. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson filed a countersuit against the Tates in which they accused Geoff of creative obstruction and violent behavior, and Susan Tate of questionable business practices.
While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand," Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13, 2012 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added.
Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson last year accused Geoff Tate of "continu[ing] to harm the QUEENSRŸCHE brand" since the Tates' original lawsuit was filed in June 2012. In a court document, they wrote: "The newest self-titled QUEENSRŸCHE CD release by the [Todd La Torre-fronted version of the band] entered the U.S. charts at #23 and continues to get 9-out-of-10-star reviews and is still selling very well on a weekly basis around the globe. In comparison, Geoff Tate released his own QUEENSRŸCHE CD in April of [2013] titled 'Frequency Unknown' and depicted as F.U. on the cover, which entered the charts at #82, received very bad reviews around the world, and has slowed to almost no more weekly sales. [The Todd La Torre-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE's] new CD even outperformed the last two CDs of them with Geoff Tate, selling more in a month than the 'Dedicated to Chaos' CD has since its release in 2010, and charting much better than both that album and the previous one, 'American Soldier'. Thus, the return to the classic sound [Tate's former] bandmates have made with the new CD and live shows has been met with overwhelming success."
They added: "Geoff Tate also chose very poorly in hiring live musicians that have shown that they are not capable of representing the correct performances of the QUEENSRŸCHE music legacy, and he was constantly replacing them. He has been offering his low-quality version of QUEENSRŸCHE to the promoters at a much reduced rate, as low as $10,000 per night, when, in fact, [his former] bandmates have done their best to keep the authorized QUEENSRŸCHE at an average of well over $20,000 per show this entire year. However, this becomes harder and harder with Geoff Tate's sub-par band and cut-rate pricing that continues to be damaging to the QUEENSRŸCHE brand and legacy no matter who ultimately wins control after trial."
In an interview with The Oakland Press, Rockenfield said said that "negotiations are ongoing between Tate and the singer's former bandmates and "there's still time for anything to happen between now and [the start of the trial]."

"I think our confidence is pretty high," Scott said. "There's a lot of legal stuff you have to deal with, but we just feel good and look at it as a light at the end of the tunnel and keep playing shows and making music. I think when you do that, the right decision will be made in time."

ASIA: 'Valkyrie' Video Released

"Valkyrie", the new video from the legendary British band ASIA, can be seen below.
According to USA Today, ASIA bassist John Wetton drew his inspiration for the song from the Norse deities who accompany the souls of heroic warriors to Valhalla.
"I've got a bit of a fetish about the sacred feminine," Wetton said. "A lot of my songs are about deities, and not necessarily male ones. In the whole myth of valkyrie, she is more powerful than many of the male gods."
The "Valkyrie" video was shot primarily in Los Angeles and London, with Wetton shooting his portion on a beach near Topanga, California. The song is taken from ASIA's new album, "Gravitas", that explores different musical landscapes while embracing the band's familiar musical past. Produced and written by band members John Wetton and Geoff Downes, "Gravitas" is deeply introspective within a clearly accessible sound. The album also introduces the world to ASIA's new guitarist, Sam Coulson, who came at the recommendation of MR. BIG's Paul Gilbert.
Scheduled for release on Frontiers Records on March 21 (Europe); and March 25 (North America), the album will be available in two configurations: a standard CD and a Deluxe Edition, that will include two bonus tracks and a DVD containing the "Valkyrie" music video, a promotional film, and footage of classic live ASIA tracks such as "Heat Of The Moment", recorded with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in Bulgaria.
From the title track, "Gravitas", which chronicles a man's struggle in the battlefield of life, to the powerfully compelling tale of unrequited love, "The Closer I Get To You", the album is a tour de force for the band whose music has become a staple to rock fans.
"Pure, unadulterated and stereotypical ASIA, with raw energy, enthusiasm and free from impurities," says John Wetton. "It conveys the spectrum of emotion and color from real-life agonies to ecstatic fantasy of escapism. Great songs, fabulous performance. 'Gravitas' is ASIA by ASIA. At last."
"With the addition of Sam, it allowed us to take the band in a slightly different, and perhaps tougher, direction," says Carl Palmer. "As a band, we have been able to grow, while at the same time, remain true to the classic ASIA sound that our fans know and love."
ASIA's debut album exploded onto the music scene in April 1982, and was the best-selling album in the world of that year. Featuring Geoff Downes on keyboards; Steve Howe on guitar; Carl Palmer on drums; and John Wetton on lead vocals and bass; ASIA was the logical successor to their collective bands of the '70s — YES, ELP, KING CRIMSON, UK and THE BUGGLES. The original ASIA reformed in 2006 for the first time in 23 years.
"It always was a great live band, but this time the dragon has awakened with fresh energy, direction and purpose," says Wetton.
"As with any new ASIA album, putting it all together presents something of a challenge," says Geoff Downes. "Everyone involved rose way above and beyond this challenge. There is a renewed energy when we step on stage now; we can feel it and I know the fans can feel it."
For ASIA's long-devoted fans, the band's return to the concert stage cannot come soon enough. As Palmer says: "Performing on stage is where this band truly comes into its element. Seeing the fans reacting to our music is what makes it all worthwhile. It is the fuel that drives this train we call ASIA."
"Gravitas" track listing:

01. Valkyrie
02. Gravitas
03. The Closer I Get To You
04. Nyctophobia
05. Russian Dolls
06. Heaven Help Me Now
07. I Would Die For You
08. Joe Di Maggio's Glove
09. Till We Meet Again
10. The Closer I Get To You (acoustic)*
11. Joe Di Maggio's Glove (acoustic)*
DVD (*):
* "Valkyrie" (videoclip)
* "Heat Of The Moment" (Live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra)
* [to be announced] (live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra)
* [to be announced] (live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra)
* Available only on the Deluxe Edition
ASIA is:
John Wetton - Lead Vocals, Bass
Carl Palmer - Drums
Geoff Downes - Keyboards
Sam Coulson - Guitar

Bigelf offer free download of 'Alien Frequency'

Bigelf offer free download of 'Alien Frequency'

February 26, 2014
BIGELF are set to release their new album 'Into The Maelstrom' on April 1 via InsideOut Music, and the band have made a free download available of the brand new track 'Alien Frequency'. You can head to this special Bigelf page and grab the song now:  

Fans can also find a special EPK clip on the page, which gives a little insight into the making of 'Into The Maelstrom' through interviews with Damon Fox.

The band recently released a lyric video for the song 'Control Freak' here:

'Into The Maelstrom' will be available on a limited 2CD digipak which includes exclusive re-mixes & demo versions, as well as a gatefold 2LP vinyl edition which includes the full album on CD. You can now pre-order the album from the InsideOut Shop here: 

The full track-listing is as follows:

1.     Incredible Time Machine
2.     Hypersleep
3.     Already Gone
4.     Alien Frequency
5.     The Professor & The Madman
6.     Mr. Harry McQuhae
7.     Vertigod
8.     Control Freak
9.     High
10.  Edge of Oblivion
11.  Theater of Dreams
12.  ITM
I. Destination Unknown
II. Harbinger Of Death
III. Memories

'Into The Maelstrom' marks the recording debut of Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, The Winery Dogs) with Bigelf, whose Progressive Nation At Sea Cruise just took place last week and where Bigelf played alongside bands such as Transatlantic, Devin Townsend Project, Riverside & Adrian Belew Power Trio.

BIGELF online: 


Visit the new InsideOut Shop: 

Monday, February 24, 2014

JON LORD: 'All Those Years Ago' Photobook Details Revealed

Jon Lord, the celebrated keyboard player of rock bands DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE and a celebrated composer, is the focus of a new photographic biography that will commemorate his life and successful career. The limited-edition book, released for pre-sale today, is published by Rufus Stone who specialize in creating photographic books of major musical artists.
The exclusive book has been produced in conjunction with Jon Lord's family and will be personally signed by friend and fellow keyboard player Rick Wakeman. Featuring unpublished professional images, personal family photographs and contributions from Jon's family and colleagues, the book is highly anticipated by lifelong fans. The book will be accompanied by unreleased music by the late musician and a never-before seen live DVD of Jon performing his famous Concerto.
One of the unreleased tracks, named "All Those Years Ago", has inspired the title of the Jon Lord project and is included in the package as a 10-inch vinyl single.
A special video preview of the book and a taster of the track "All Those Years Ago" is available below.
The photographic book is due to be released in April, to coincide with a special memorial concert being held at the Royal Albert Hall in celebration of Lord's life and musical accomplishments. However, serious fans of Jon Lord can pre-order the limited-edition book as the pre-sale has just recently been launched by Rufus Stone.
Mark Smith of Rufus Stone says: "This photographic book is the ultimate piece of memorabilia for devoted Jon Lord fans.
"The celebration of his life and work contains rare material from his early days before he was a professional, then continuing through his time with DEEP PURPLE, PAL, WHITESNAKE and beyond.
"Signed by Rick Wakeman, 'All Those Years Ago' will be a treasured possession for anyone interested in Jon Lord and his musical talent.
"We had the honor of working with Jon himself back in 2012 before his death, when Rufus Stone were working on the DEEP PURPLE 'California Jam' title.
"We are thrilled to have this opportunity to celebrate Jon's life, and to be working closely with his family and colleagues once again."
As one of the most respected and revered names in both the rock and classical musical fields, Jon Lord made an impact on people worldwide. A night in his memory, "Celebrating Jon Lord" will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on April 4. The major concert will give fans the opportunity to relive Lord's extensive musical career, and will feature special guests, including Paul Weller, Rick Wakeman, Alfie Boe and DEEP PURPLE.
Rufus Stone's photographic biography will be released simultaneously with the memorial celebration concert and will delight fans with its spectrum of unreleased material.
Tarquin Gotch, Jon Lord's manager, said: "'All Those Years Ago' is a work of love, and will act as a true collectible for fans of Jon Lord and DEEP PURPLE."

To find out more about Rufus Stone or "All Those Years Ago", visit

Sunday, February 23, 2014

DREAM THEATER Photo Book In The Works

Progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER are collaborating with photographer Rob Fenn on a hardcover photo book documenting the North American leg of their "Along For The Ride" tour, which kicks off March 20. Fenn will be traveling with the band all the way from Toronto, Canada's Massey Hall to Mesa, Arizona's Ikeda Theater, shooting 23 shows in all, including the special March 25 performance at the Boston Opera House which will feature an orchestra and choir from Berklee College of Music. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the F*ck Cancer foundation and Dying 2 Live.
"Being able to do a book project with an iconic and influential band such as DREAM THEATER is beyond a honor," says Fenn, who's previously shot limited-edition prints featuring KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Jesse Leach and SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR's Corey Taylor. "Cancer affects my life daily, so to be able to give back through my work on a project like this is a true blessing."
DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci says: "We were introduced to Rob's work through Mark Abramson at Roadrunner. His photos are amazing and as soon as we found out about the cause, we were all immediately on board.
"All of our lives have been affected by cancer in some way and all of us have lost loved ones to the disease. This is a great way for us to be a part of the crusade toward finding a cure, and we are looking forward to working together with Rob on the upcoming North American tour."

DREAM THEATER's spirit of adventure and fearless musical virtuosity continues to reap dividends for the progressive metal titans who recently earned their second Grammy nomination, this time for "Best Metal Performance" for their single "The Enemy Inside" from their current self-titled album. The band — John Petrucci (guitar), John Myung (bass), James LaBrie (vocals), Jordan Rudess (keyboards & continuum) and Mike Mangini (drums) — received its first-ever Grammy nomination in 2012 for "On The Backs Of Angels" (from their "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" album) in the "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category.