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French Avant Garde Music Trio Sidony Box Release New CD Recorded By Magma/Gong Legend Venux Deluxe

French Avant Garde Music Trio Sidony Box Release New CD Recorded By Magma/Gong Legend Venux Deluxe

Paris, France - Much to the anticipation of music aficionados around the world, French avant garde music troupe Sidony Box have released their third album 'Sidony Box Rules'. Award-winner of the “Rezzo Jazz a Vienne 2010” showcase and selected for the AFIJMA's “Jazz Migration 2011” tour, Sidony Box has earned its scenic reoutation through Europe and already released two albums acclaimed by international press. Sidony Box is back on stage with a luminous and heavenly third album recorded by Venux Deluxe, well known for his work with legends such as Magma and Gong, taking the sound of the ensemble to a new plateau in sonic expression. This album installs the power jazz trio in the tradition of its illustrious elders, while keeping the devastating energy that made the initial force of the band. Free electrons spinning in the same direction... Exploring musical boundaries with remarkable consistency by creating an imaginary artistic landscape, Sidony Box is now writing a new page of its history, becoming impossible to miss from now on!

The best way to present the music of this trio is probably to emphasize the state of mind in which it arose as well as its aspirations. Urgency and obviousness first characterize Sidony Box, which was created at the beginning of the summer 2009, not as a conceived project but more a happy consequence of an unpremeditated encounter. While the three musicians play for the first time together, a genuine sound and the will of a common musical direction intrude naturally. Far from the classically well-ordered styles, each individual of this band brings in its own musical identity to design rapidly a unique repertoire inspired by the contemporary world, blending with ease separate musical universes. From then on, extemporaneous feelings and a savant mixture of influences are expressed in the name of spontaneity. While guitarist Manuel Adnot's reference artists are numerous and eclectic such as Deftones, Happy Apple, Sigur Ros or Radiohead; drummer Arthur Narcy is an ardent trance and “working sound” devotee, and alto sax player Elie Dalibert is more anchored in the jazz tradition yet naturally open to all sound cultures. De facto present here and there, pop accents, metal, or noise are always underlain by an improvised speech which is the foundation of their pieces. Their only motto is to play totally. All in all the credo of the trio is to play the music of the moment rather than to lock itself in a definitive style. The pieces are most often collectively woven from a written pattern to a band composition in which three individualities blend to a unanimous speech, to the sound of the band.

Says guitarist Manu Adnot, “Our new release 'Sidony Box Rules' is the result of all our work since the band's birth in 2009. All music styles are played at their paroxysm: free jazz music, pop song. hardcore, electronics, post-rock... This is what we wanted when we started together; playing very different styles with only a trio formation, without bass. We looked also in a new way of thinking for us with more completely free improvisations; this time we really have left the things coming out naturally, and we took time to play again and again for getting out the best energy. This album is the results of all that; free way of thinking, free way of playing music, and a lot of pure emotion. Hope it will touch you too.”

Here's what the press raved about Sidony Box's previous releases:

“Their music, which blends shoegaze and modern prog-rock with jazz improvisation, feels expansive... With droning guitar and undulating waves of rhythm, the music is textured and layered, so much so that it sounds like a few more than three musicians...the trio draws on the aesthetics of certain rock bands – Radiohead, Tortoise, and Sonic Youth, in particular – as it constructs songs” - Boston Globe

“Sidony Box boasts a style that melds jazz, pop and hard, in-your-face rock, bursting with urgency – a blazing and obstreperous crew. Even when the band drifts, it does so with a certain intensity, conjuring images of a waning star emitting a cold, radiant electronic wave, on a drift through deep space, and announcing that Sidony Box is a conglomerate with an oddly metallic synchronicity.” - All About Jazz

“By the time this complex and challenging ride is over, musical categories lay in pieces on the ground.” - Something Else Reviews

“This French power trio dishes up a very satisfying blend of avant-jazz, prog-tinged rock, and free-ish improvisation, with wonderful dynamics, brilliant instrumental interplay, lovely melodies, and highly engaging guitar work by Adnot.” - Guitar Player

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Osada Vida Get Set To Release New Album

As recently announced, Osada Vida, one of the most interesting Polish bands on the prog-metal scene, return with a brand new album. “Particles” will be their first release after the line-up change in 2012, when Marek Majewski joined the band as their new  vocalist.
Front cover illustration of “Particles” was done by the band’s keyboardist Rafał Paluszek. “It took us a long time before we figured out how to approach the subject of the front cover. We decided to make it minimalist and simple. Frankly, we had enough of excessively elaborate, gloomy imagery which you can see everywhere. Who said rock music goes only with gloomy artwork? As usual, we decided to go against the dominating trend. And I think it's for the best because there's a lot of light and space in those graphics, and there's also a couple of symbols whose meaning we leave for our listeners to interpret. We really wanted to show all the changes we've gone through. We've become a quintet and our music keeps evolving. A lot has changed since the release of ‘Uninvited Dreams’ in 2009. Osada's somewhere else now, though the most important things and values remain, fortunately. I hope you'll hear all the things I'm talking about when you listen to our album.” – says Rafał.
“Particles” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on March, 25th in Europe and April, 9th in USA (via MVD). Full details to be announced soon.
Osada Vida is one of the most interesting Polish bands on the prog-rock scene. Their discography includes three demos and three well received official releases - “Three Seats Behind a Triangle” (2006/2007), “The Body Parts Party” (2008), “Uninvited Dreams” (2009). Their albums feature elaborately beautiful music in the vein of Yes, Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation and Riverside. In early July, Osada Vida released their first live DVD entitled “Where The Devils Live” featuring the recording of their live appearance at the Wyspianski Theater in Katowice, Poland in Autumn 2011. The band recently debuted in a new improved line-up - they have added a new vocalist Marek Majewski, previously known from the band Acute Mind. Osada Vida is also recognized worldwide - they played at the famous US' ROSfest 2011 and at the beginning of October 2012 they were a part of Israeli ProgStage festival where they perform next to Andromeda, The Flower Kings or Orphaned Land.
Osada Vida - current line-up:Marek Majewski – vocal
Łukasz Lisiak – bass
Rafał Paluszek – keyboards
Bartek Bereska – guitars
Adam Podzimski – drums
Osada Vida on facebook:

Arena reveal the title of their forthcoming live DVD

In November 2011, the British band Arena visited Poland as part of the tour promoting their new album “The Seventh Degree of Separation”. The album opened a new chapter in the history of the band led since 1995 by two acclaimed musicians: Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Caamora, Shadowland) and Mick Pointer (ex-Marillion). The new material was recorded with a new singer, Paul Manzi (Oliver Wakeman Band), the bassist John Jowitt, who returned to the band’s line-up after a several year break, and the guitarist John Mitchell.
On November, 10th Arena played a show in Silesian Theatre in Katowice which for once more became the most important place for prog-rock fans. The show was enthusiastically received by Arena’s fans. The band performed their brand new songs (The Great Escape, The Seventh Degree Of Separation, Rapture, One Last Au Renoir, The Ghost Walks, What If?, Burning Down) as well as a selection of songs from their previous albums (including The Visitor, Solomon, Crying For Help VII, Ascension). The concert at the theatre was also special because Arena recorded their brand new live DVD there. And today the band reveal its title – “Rapture”.

“Rapture” DVD will be released by Metal Mind Productions on March, 25th in Europe and April, 9th in USA (via MVD). Full details to be announced soon.
You can view the photos from the Theatre HERE.

JOLLY to Release New Album, The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2), March 5; Announces US Tour Dates

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JOLLY to Release New Album, The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2), March 5;

Announces US Tour Dates

January 14, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) - In March 2011, rock act JOLLY released The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1), the first of a two-part series designed to bring listeners to a state of true happiness. To optimize the JOLLY listening experience, the band collaborated with a professor and graduate students at a nearby university, conducting studies on over 5,000 subjects to perfect the usage of binaural tones in their music.

Precisely two years after the release of part 1, The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) has arrived and is set for a North American released date of March 5, 2013 via InsideOut Music.  A list of European release dates can also be seen below.

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck JOLLY hard, destroying drummer/producer Louis Abramson's home, which also functioned as the band's practice space and recording studio. All of Louis' possessions and a lot of the band's equipment were ruined. The members of JOLLY were devastated, and the timing couldn't have been worse, as the band was in the midst of finalizing The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2).  In need of new equipment, JOLLY started a fundraising campaign and their incredible fans came through in a big way to help the band rebuild after this major disaster.  Beyond the music, The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) is a standing symbol of JOLLY's recovery from the storm.

"We couldn't be more excited to finally share The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) with the world," comments the band.  "After the devastation we experienced with Hurricane Sandy, we have been in a rebuilding phase, and the release of this album stands as a major milestone in our recovery.  Musically, we set out to make Audio Guide 2 our richest sounding record, offering solid hooks, interesting arrangements and sonic textures that cover a wide range of styles.  We're extremely proud of what we created.  

Even without considering the binaural brainwave technology embedded throughout, this album offers the listener an experience like no other.  JOLLY pushes the limits of accessibility in The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 2) with its powerful riffs, infectious hooks, and undeniable grooves, all within the context of their signature JOLLY atmosphere.  Your first listen will leave you thinking, and your second will leave you a fan for life.

In support of the new album, JOLLY will join label-mates RIVERSIDE on a small tour starting at the end of April, which follows a month of overseas dates with Riverside in March.  A list of North American dates can be seen below.


The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) Track List:

01. Guidance Three
02. Firewell
03. You Against the World
04. Aqualand and the 7 Suns
05. Dust Nation Bleak
06. Golden Divide
07. Guidance Four
08. Lucky
09. While We Slept in Burning Shades
10. Despite the Shell
11. As Heard on Tape
12. The Grand Utopia

Tour Dates with Riverside:
04/30/13 - Charleston, SC @ WindJammer - Isle of Palms
05/02/13 - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
05/04/13 - Gettysburg, PA @ RoSFest
05/06/13 - Dunellen, NJ @ Roxy and Dukes
05/08/13 - Chicago, IL @ Double Door
05/10/13 - Raleigh, NC @ The Pour House
05/12/13 - Mexico City - Jose Cuervo Salon

European Release Dates:
SPAIN / ITALY: Tuesday, March 5, 2013.
SWEDEN / HUNGARY: Wednesday, March 6, 2013.
AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND / FINLAND: Friday, March 8, 2013.

Line-Up:  Anadale - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Reilly - Keyboards
Anthony Rondinone - Bass
Louis Abramson - Drums

For more information on JOLLY, visit:


URIAH HEEP Bassist To Undergo Surgery; Temporary Replacement Announced

British hard rock legends URIAH HEEP have released the following statement:

"Trevor Bolder (bass) is going into hospital for an operation which will require several months' recuperation. Everyone connected with URIAH HEEP wishes Trevor a speedy operation and recovery, and Trevor's wishes are that the band should carry on without him, until he is fit and ready to come back.

"Venerated bass player John [JJ] Jowitt has agreed to deputise for Trevor at short notice, to ensure that the band's show in Israel at the end of January can still go ahead, Having spent 20 years with IQ, plus varying stints with ARK, ARENA, JADIS, FROST and other respected bands, John is renowned for his onstage charisma and has won Classic Rock Society's Bass poll on no less than 10 separate occasions.

"We know all of you out there will support Trevor and the band as we move forward together into 2013. Trevor will use his recuperation period to write songs for the new URIAH HEEP album, the follow-up to 'Into The Wild', which will be put together in the next 12 months."

Added URIAH HEEP guitarist Mick Box: "We all wish Trevor a speedy return to the fold, and in the meantime we are very pleased that JJ has agreed to step in and cover Trev's unique bass panache, so crucial to HEEP's sound. JJ will also contribute to the signature five-part vocal operatics."

Stated John Jowitt: "I have long been an admirer of Trevor Bolder's iconic playing, and it is a huge honour to be asked to stand in for one of the all-time greats of the bass. I intend to bring due respect to
the legend that is URIAH HEEP, and I hope I can do justice to Trevor's presence, both on and off stage."

URIAH HEEP's latest album, "Into The Wild", was released in April 2011 via Frontiers Records. The CD was produced by Mike Paxman (STATUS QUO, ASIA) and features cover artwork (see below) by the renowned Greek-American artist Ioannis (LYNYRD SKYNYRD, STYX, SAGA).

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Peter Gabriel & Music Tiles

The Music app that allows everybody to create Peter Gabriel music
Transforming music fans from passive listeners to active performers
January 9, 2013 - London - The MusicTiles app allows everybody – novices, musicians, and expert composers – to remix songs in a playful manner using virtual modular tiles. In a 25–years celebration of the iconic So album, Peter Gabriel granted RoboProfessor Henrik Hautop Lund unparalleled access to his multi–tracks and stems to create a So 2.0 experience that allows fans to create MusicTiles mixes.
The So album MusicTiles app takes the songs of the original album into the new millennium allowing all music fans to make their own versions of well known Peter Gabriel songs such as Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes and Big Time. The So album for MusicTiles even contains three new versions of each song in different, modern styles (e.g. original, electronica & industrial) for the fans to play with and develop according to their own individual taste. By simple constructions with modular tiles on the iPhone or iPad, the user creates new versions of the songs dependent on where and when the modular tiles are put together.
By releasing the MusicTiles app with the So album, Peter Gabriel and Henrik Hautop Lund illuminate the potential of revolutionising the music industry by giving the music into the hands and the creative minds of the fans worldwide. “Whereas the traditional music industry is characterized by artists releasing songs and albums in a fixed format for CDs, iTunes, and streaming services”, says RoboProfessor Henrik Hautop Lund, “the MusicTiles app democratises the music to become a flexible format that can be manipulated by anybody, anywhere, anytime. Instead of listening to a hit song in the same format over and over again, MusicTiles allows the listener to change the hit song over and over again according to the listener’s own taste and creativity. The music fan is transformed from a passive listener to an active performer.”
Peter Gabriel says “I have always loved the idea that music and art should be fully open media from which no-one is excluded. They are languages that anyone can learn to speak and definitely not the exclusive province of the high priests armed with ‘Talent ’.
 We started working with interactive music forms twenty years ago and were recently delighted to discover Henrik’s elegant and wonderfully simple music bricks working so well. It was such a well-executed version of something we had begun looking at doing for a Millenium project for Habitat. The Music Tiles app has the capacity to reach many people all over the world and get kids of all ages playing creatively with  the building bricks of music, I’m very happy that So, after twenty five years in one form is now going be opened up in so many new ways with this Music Tiles launch. I look forward to being entertained and surprised by all its new incarnations.
Mike Large of Real World confirms "we've been interested in interactive music since Peter Gabriel released Xplora 1 in 1994 and Noodle in 1999 - when we saw Henrik's MusicTiles and the wonderful bricks he'd made we felt it would be great to get involved. As well as supplying stems of Peter Gabriel's songs for Henrik's team to remix and experiment with Real World has worked with his team on the interface and functionality to produce a simple to use and fun new interactive musical experience."