Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Original Genesis Guitarist Treats Fans To New Reissue

Anthony Phillips will reissue and remaster his '1984' album due to be released on 6/2/08. This was
Phillips sixth solo album originally released in 1981. For this 2CD reissue it's been remastered by Simon Heyworth.
The extra CD includes new mixes from the original 8-track masters which allow parts of the album to be heard for the first time in their original basic form. Also released for the first time is some of Ant's original music for the ATV Series 'Rule Britannia' which was recorded at the same time as 1984.
Other extras include the previously unheard keyboard piece 'Ascension' (which was rediscovered on the original multi-track tapes during the research for this reissue, and has been mixed for the first time) and the 16-minute demo version of 'Poly Piece' - a track originally written for inclusion on the album 'Sides' and then considered by Ant as a possible track for 1984 when in the formative stages of the album.
New liner notes feature contributions from recording engineer Chris David, the writer and presenter of Rule Britannia Dr James Bellini and Ant's own memories of the album.

Special Thanks to Andy Lodge

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