Monday, June 23, 2008

Steve Nardelli Makes Expansion Announcement

June 23, 2008, New York – Pioneering entrepreneur Steve Nardelli, lead writer and vocalist for the legendry `60s band The Syn, has earmarked $12M of a total investment portfolio of $600M to expand the operations of his New York-based Umbrello Music Entertainment. With this infusion of capital and two major new contracts to add to their growing client list, UME is now in a prime situation to solidify a leading market position. Umbrello Music Entertainment is working with production house Edpic to supply targeted video and music content to Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones, and to, the major online retailer. These agreements will be further supported by Umbrello's record label and ( Nardelli states that Umbrello will offer a true alternative to mainstream chart music and video. "Through our global digital portal agreements, we will supply quality broadcast content to a worldwide audience of millions." "Steve identifies change before change happens," says UK billionaire Mike Ashley who partnered with Nardelli to purchase and re-build Donnay, a leading manufacturer of sports racquets. The Donnay brand became a cornerstone of Sports Direct bringing their company forward into international retail superstardom. Nardelli has started to invest the bulk of the $600M into property development projects in the UK with an emphasis on "green and planet friendly" social housing developments through his Evergreen Homes Company.
About Umbrello Music Entertainment:UME is an independent producer and distributor of high-quality content for diverse digital entertainment platforms worldwide. With production studios in London, Philadelphia and New York, UME's library of premium short form programmes is extensive with unending additions. UME offers their clients a competitive advantage with unique,attention-grabbing content that gives their viewers more choices. As a video partner, UME works with clients to assess their needs and develop effective quality programming for maximum impact to their target markets.

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