Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Tangent To Join Forces with Beardfish

The Tangent is undergoing a large change. After four studio albums plus 2 live CDs and a DVD, the group is about to take a new step forward.Andy Tillison will remain at the band's helm, along with founder member Guy Manning, Theo Travis and the more recently recruited Jakko M Jakszyk. However, the association with the Malmo based trio of Jonas Reingold, Jaime Salazar and Krister Jonsson is now over and The Tangent will return in effect to its more project based rooting. The replacement musicians are well known to many of you and are the whole of the young and enthusiastic quartet "Beardfish" from Sweden.
The new project band will make its live debut at The Summer's End Festival in the UK on the 28th September. Plans are afoot for the commencement of recording of the next Tangent album, which it is hoped will use the lineup to maximum effect.
And here's a link to a more in depth explenation from Andy Tillison:

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