Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beardfish To Play At Nearfest 2009

NEARfest '09 is very excited to bring to the NEARfest stage, Beardfish. Hailing from Sweden, Beardfish are a prime example of an archetype of an exceptionally expressive prog rock act. Building on the strength and power of previous releases such as The Sane Day and Sleeping in Traffic: Part One, their current album, Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two, features quotes from almost all eras of music history, blending them into an unmistakable sound. Beardfish's music has depth and substance without overtaxing its listeners with overly intricate structures. A distinct sense of Zappa-esque humor pervades Beardfish's music and lyrics. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater said about Beardfish: "Sweden's Beardfish are my favorite "new" band with an "old" sound. Utilizing all of the classic styles and sounds of the original progessive rock bands of the 70's (mellotron, hammond organ, leslies, clean guitars, dry organic drums, etc.), these guys are making music for the folks who truly miss the classic bands that started this whole genre." Prepare yourselves to welcome Beardfish to the NEARfest '09 stage.

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