Thursday, September 25, 2008


PRESTO BALLET, the project led by METAL CHURCH guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, will perform at the CalProg 2008 festival, set to take place October 11 at Center Stage Theater in Whittier, California. Also scheduled to appear are ECHOLYN, IZZ and SYLVAN.

PRESTO BALLET released its second album, "The Lost Art of Time Travel", in the U.S. through ProgRock Records. The follow-up to 2005's "Peace among the Ruins" includes the following tracks: "The Mind Machine", "Thieves", "I'm Not Blind", "One Tragedy at a Time", "You Are Here", "Easy Tomorrow" and "That You're Alive".

PRESTO BALLET features Vanderhoof alongside Scott Albright (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Bill Raymond (drums and percussion), Ryan McPherson (Hammond organ, piano, synths, lead and backing vocals) and Izzy Rehaume (bass, backing vocals).

PRESTO BALLET's music was previously described as "a mixture of first-class melodic and progressive rock with some heavy moments." All of the tracks on "Peace among the Ruins" were recorded using an analog tape machine, which was another nod to the sounds of the Seventies. Vanderhoof explained, "Digital recording techniques are annoying! For rock music it's absolutely fatal when you always rely on samples, sequencers and drum machines. It destroys the live feel of the music. With PRESTO BALLET, it was our aim to return to a more 'natural' feel while keeping as melodic and musical as possible."

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