Friday, October 10, 2008

Echolyn To Re-release Cowboy Poems Free, Guitarist Working On New Album

Last Of The Curlews Brett Kull's second CD is finished and being mastered at Zen Mastering in California. The forthcoming recording is made up of 12 new songs.

1. Acadia Gulls

2. Lullabies and Starlings

3. Hey Horizon

4. If She Could Be Who She Wanted

5. Nightingale

6. Halos

7. Love Is On The Discarded Street

8. Become A Ghost

9. Autumn Endings

10. Last Of The Curlews

11. There Was A Place For Us

12. Windows Of Light

Brett plays all the instruments except the Drum Kit, which is played by longtime friend Paul Ramsey. Guest vocals by Molly Decker and Jacque Varsalona add color throughout the album. The Album cover was painted by Tara Jane O'Neil specifically for this project. Brett will spend the next 2 months promoting the album by making a couple music videos, creating interest inprint and on line and updating his website to correspond to the new music. The Album has a late fall release date in the works. A more solid date will become evident over the next few weeks.

Echolyn's 2000 release titled Cowboy Poems Free has been re-mixed and sent off to be remastered. The artwork is 90% complete. An early fall release date is planned. The band is looking forward to re-releasing the album with its improved sound and package!

With one more show booked at Cal Prog on Saturday the band will be done focusing on live performance and able to concentrate on new music again. The show in Los Angeles California will be the first the band has played there since 1994. The audio and video is being recorded for posterity and hopefully a future Live Video! The album has been on hold for the summer but the band is excited to start work again this fall. So far they have working titles for 6 songs:

1. Accumulated Blur

2. Hey Little Man

3. Moments Without Sound

4. Some Memorial

5. What Comes After

6. The Cardinal and I

No release date has been set...The track "Heavy Blue Miles Live in Hengalo" was donated to Raise Money for Stan Whitaker from "Happy The Man" who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Details on that release will be available soon.

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