Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vanity, Chaos Divine, Knight Area Confirmed For Progpower Europe

VANITY (pol), CHAOS DIVINE (aus) and KNIGHT AREA (hol) confirmed for ProgPower Europe 2009.

Progpower announced 3 more bands for this year's edition of ProgPower Europe. As you
know they always try to book a very diverse line-up with bands you know and bands
that are completely unknown. And they also try to book a line-up with different
music styles, within the prog scene. Organizers have now confirmed the Dutch band KNIGHT AREA, a prog band that already released 2 albums and played several festivals including Nearfest. Later this year a 3rd album will see daylight. Secondly, they have booked the completely unknown band VANITY from Poland, their music can be described as
schizophrenic progmetal. Check them out at myspace to judge yourself, a song like Caterine is just a masterpiece. And last but not least, Progpower has booked one of the best Australian newcomers, CHAOS DIVINE. This band has just released its debut CD in their home country, the reactions are overwhelming and they are described as a mix of Dream Theater and Arch Enemy.

The Current Lineup:

DIVINE (australia)
KNIGHT AREA (the netherlands)
NEVERLAND (turkey)
PROSPECT (slovenia)
VANITY (poland)

8 more bands will be announced within the next few weeks, including the headliners and some bands that make their return to ProgPower Europe. Ticket sales have already started, and you can check out their website for all the details.

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