Saturday, August 29, 2009

News Bytes For The Month Of August

News Bytes For August:

  • Morglbl's September tour of the eastern United States, has been cancelled due to Visa problems. The band is currently fixing the issue, but will not play any of their scheduled dates
  • The classic progressive rock band Eloy are looking to release a new album soon called "Visionary"
  • Esoteric Records is planning to re release the Rick Wakeman catalog in 2010. Also Tony Banks A Curious Feeling is to reissued as well
  • Rush is planning to get back into the studio this autumn
  • Rosfest is moving to Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, PA
  • Kinetic Element is to release their new disc on September 5th
  • Moonjune Records to release 2 CD set of Holdsworth/Pasqua/Haslip/Wackerman titled Blues For Tony. The disc is a tribute to the late great drummer Tony Williams
  • Legendary Univers Zero/Present bassist Guy Segers, along with Acid Mother Temple guitarist Makoto Kawabata, Mani NEUMEIER from Guru Guru on drums, Daevid Allen on vocals and guitar performed at the "Zappanale" festival in Bad Doberan, Germany on August 14th
  • Guitarist Scott McGill can be found soloing over a fusion backing track on YouTube by Jan Cyrka of He is also prepping to release a new album with Ritchie DeCarlo, Percy Jones (Brand X, Tunnels) and Markus Reuter (Pat Mastelotto). The release date is forthcoming
  • August 30th from the Conversations in the Key of Moog
    At 1 PM, join us for a fascinating look into the world of synthesis with experts Brian Kehew and Larry Fast. Fast is best known for his series of pioneering electronic music albums recorded under the project name SYNERGY and for his contribution to a number of popular music acts, including: Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Foreigner, Richie Sambora, Barbra Streisand, Randy Newman and others. Brian Kehew is a musician and music producer who contributed to the development of the Minimoog Voyager, Little Phatty synthesizers, and Moogerfooger effect pedals. Kehew is also known for his book "Recording the Beatles," his band, Moog Cookbook, and his keyboard work touring with The Who.
  • Progressive rock band Renaissance is to have a 40th year anniversary tour in the autumn
  • Transatlantic to release their new album The Whirlwind in October

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