Saturday, November 14, 2009

THE WISHING TREE To Release New Album In North America In January has received the following press release:
It has been ten years since progressive rock band THE WISHING TREE released their debut album, Carnival Of Souls. On January 19th, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release their lush and evocative new album Ostara in North America.
MARILLION guitarist Steve Rothery founded The Wishing Tree. Formed in 1996, Rothery’s desire to start an acoustic music project with a female vocalist led him to British singer Hannah Stobart. The two started writing together, crafting a wistful, gorgeous sound that is both haunting and soothing. This new CD, produced and engineered by Rothery, not only boasts eight original songs, but two bonus live tracks, 'Fly' and 'Ostara'.

Unique in its conception, Ostara was written and recorded on opposite sides of the world, with Stobert working from her home in California and Rothery in his home studio in Buckinghamshire, England.

Joined by drummer Paul Craddick (of ENCHANT, and Hannah’s husband), Ostara is the perfect marriage of Stobart’s angelic, lilting vocals and Rothery’s superb guitar work. A master at his craft, his harmonies are understated when necessary, allowing Stobart’s vocals to take precedence, yet when given the chance, his trademark solos truly sing out in the mix of this enchanting blend. The delicate, ghostly harmonies, executed on mandolin as well as guitar, paired with Stobart’s soaring melodies, result in artwork that is truly a listening experience.

Fans of Steve Rothery will also enjoy Marillion’s latest CD, Less Is More, released December 8th via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Ostara tracklisting:
'Hollow Hills'
'Seventh Sigh'
Bonus Tracks:
'Fly' (live)
'Ostara' (live)

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