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Vocalist Fish Has Throat Operation


Published Date: 26 December 2009
ROCKER Fish is enjoying a peaceful Christmas and is set for a quiet six months ahead – following an operation on his throat.

The former Marillion frontman, who lives in Haddington, East Lothian, is recovering after the operation to repair scar tissue, which has crippled his voice.

He has been advised by doctors not to sing for the next few months following the operation earlier this week.

Fish, whose real name is Derek Dick, said his health problems had worsened after performing at gigs this summer. He has already been forced to cancel radio broadcasts in the last few weeks, to limit damage to his vocal chords.

The singer took a break from performing following a throat cancer scare last December.

He sought medical advice after finding he was unable to reach the high notes on a 130-gig world tour.

Although his fears were unfounded, doctors discovered a benign growth of scar tissue on his vocal chords. This left his voice sounding "ragged" and "hoarse" and prone to wearing out quickly when he was talking.

Fish told the News: "The operation went well, no concerns. Now is a quiet time."

And, in a message to his fans, posted on his website, he wrote: "My throat sounds really painful but actually it isn't.

"The scar tissue on my chords has built up rather like a callous and although not sore is making its presence felt.

"I think I did far too much in the summer before I was fully ready to return. It feels as if I have a pea on my chords that keeps on instigating me to clear my throat. Thus the hoarseness.

"It's frustrating, annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes depressing as any excessive talking wears my voice out very quickly. It will be a quiet Christmas for me this year!"

The father-of-one will be spending the festive season with his new wife Katie Webb, a sports physiotherapist, who he married in May. He said that he would be taking six months out from singing, and would concentrate on writing his as-yet untitled autobiography, which is set to be a "warts and all" account of his life and 30 years in the music industry.

He has already completed more than two chapters, and has been researching his family history.

He added: "Apart from all that, life moves on and although it's pretty quiet on the music front.

"Plans are beginning to take shape for events later next year that will more than make up for this enforced silence just now."

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Last Updated: 26 December 2009 11:54 AM
Source: Edinburgh Evening News
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