Saturday, January 16, 2010

John Heyworth Of Cressida Passes Away

From The Cressida Facebook:

Sad news. John Heyworth was found dead yesterday morning. More news as our son, Iain MacAonghais-Heyworth, checks with the police today in the town near Portland, Oregon where John lived. We really don't know anything yet. John was so excited about all the renewed interest in Cressida; we're very happy he knew about ...this group on Facebook. Iain McLennon, who is in this group along with my son and I, might also pass along the information. He's a dear friend of the family. We like to think that John has joined that wonderful band that includes his old friends George Harrison, John Lennon, Maurice Gibb, etc., etc., etc.His music will live on. Our son Iain is also a talented musician.

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Lawrence said...

Lol Coker. one of the founder members of Cressida along with John
Angus and Ian,I would like to express
my deepest sympathy for John's passing
as he was my best mate while I was in
Cressida.A great guitarist and songwriter,I only learnt of his passing today after going on line just felt like a nostalgic trip.
I,and still playing with local bands here in France where Ioved 6 years ago
John RIP you were a great musician and friend