Monday, April 5, 2010

Hew Montgomery Leaves Abel Ganz

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Hi everyone,

A short update to let you all know how sad and sorry we all are to see the departure from Abel Ganz of our good friend and keyboards player Hew Montgomery. Hew [after much soul searching] has decided that his own musical path lies not within the Abel Ganz circle and that he wishes to pursue his musical ambitions on his own.

We stress that we remain on the very best of terms with Hew. We are all very sorry indeed that he has decided to leave the band but respect his decision and wish him all the very best with whatever he does next. Indeed, the door will always remain open and it is not entirely impossible that Hew may remain involved with the Ganz camp in some capacity.

Some of you may already be aware that Hew has been working on side & solo projects for some time and much of this is reaching fruition. Please look out for a further update from Hew on the website very soon where he will make some exciting announcements regarding these projects.

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