Monday, June 21, 2010

Progressive Metal Band ANTHRIEL Signs With LION MUSIC

Lion Music has announced the signing of progressive metallers ANTHRIEL. The band's debut album, "The Pathway", is scheduled for release on October 15.

With a style that is sure to appeal to fans of the likes of SYMPHONY X, ADAGIO and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, "The Pathway" is "an absolute monster offering, possessing an exceptionally high standard of songwriting from start to finish with first-class performances from all musicians," according to a press release. "The final icing comes in the guise of an ultra-powerful production which puts many of the genres leaders to shame."

Hailing from Finland, ANTHRIEL is described as "a neo-classical band with metal and progressive influences." The group was formed in 2004 by Timo Niemisto (guitar), Antti Hakulinen (keyboards), Jari Kuokkanen (drums) and Klaus Wirzenius (bass), but it wasn't until vocalist Simo Silvan joined in 2008 that the band really found its true direction.


Simo Silvan - Vocals
Timo Niemistö (ELIAS VILJANEN EVIL SPIRIT, VILLIELÄIN) - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Antti Hakulinen - Keyboards
Klaus Wirzenius (MANZANA) - Bass
Jari Kuokkanen (TERÄSBETONI) - Drums

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