Monday, August 23, 2010

August News Bytes

  • The last major missing piece of the Porcupine Tree back catalogue is finally available again. "Recordings" was originally compiled in 2000 in order to help finance a tour, and although it is mainly a collection of leftover songs from Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun, the band and many fans consider it to be every bit as strong as these albums. It includes favourites such as Buying New Soul, Disappear, Ambulance Chasing, and the full 14 minute version of Even Less. Recordings will be reissued on 23rd August by KScope, faithful to the original edition, but in a digibook sleeve.
  • British band DeeExpus revealed the cover art of the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album “Half Way Home”. The art work of "The King Of Number 33" was painted by renowned artist and the band's good friend Gavin Mayhew.
  • Rob Reed of Magenta and Will Mackie have set up a new prog label called "White Knight".
    Its first release will be in October of Italian band debut cd led by Andrea Stangni (vocals and keyboards) AltaVia -Girt Dog. Andrea is also currently working on a new acoustic project with Francis Dunnery.
  • Jan Hammer has launched a new interactive website located at
  • White Willow is in the process of recording a new album that features a guest appearance by Tim Bowness. The band also has a new website at
  • Progressive rock band Glass Hammer are in the midst to release their new disc IF. The disc is due out on 9/14/10. The 2010 release “IF” marks the band’s return to classic symphonic-progressive rock; an album sure to please fans of the group’s earlier releases Chronometree, Lex Rex and The Inconsolable Secret. The sixty-six minute opus features six tracks, culminating in the twenty-four minute long “If The Sun”, mastering by the legendary Bob Katz of Digital Domain, and stunning art-work by German designer Tom Kuhn.
  • Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth are collaborating on a new album titled Storm Corrosion. This is said to not be a progressive metal project.
  • Salem Hill is in the process of working on a new album. The working title is to be "Pennies in the Karma Jar"