Thursday, September 30, 2010

REDEMPTION Working On New Material

Los Angeles-based progressive metal band REDEMPTION, which features in its ranks vocalist Ray Alder of FATES WARNING, is "in the early pre-production stage" of writing material for its new album for a 2011 release. Guitarist/songwriter Nicolas van Dyk states, "It's too early to say too much, but I can share that the arrangements vary from short (for us!) hard-hitting songs to at least one and possibly two more sprawling ideas, and that a few of the working titles at this point are 'Noonday Devil', 'Dreams From The Pit' and 'Rain In My Soul'."

In November 2008, Nicolas van Dyk was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a disease that he described at the time as "a particularly bad form of blood cancer which is generally considered incurable and which has a five-year survival rate of 34%." He now says, "I remain in complete remission with no trace of the disease that I announced publicly about a year ago. I remain on three powerful medications to ensure that the cancer does not return. Of the five original active lesions in my bones, none are active for cancer and one of them has resolved (i.e. been completely repaired with new bone). The other four are in the process of being repaired and that is the next big milestone.

"Patience is required but I believe they will get there. If that happens, it is a good sign that I am well down the road to being cured (according to the very aggressive doctor to whom I entrust my care). However I must remain on these medicines for two more years. They have many unpleasant side effects but I am resolved to stick with the program and beat 'incurable' blood cancer."

On February 4, REDEMPTION was interviewed for an episode of "Hard" on the AUX music channel out of Canada. The six-minute segment, which includes performance footage, can be viewed below.

REDEMPTION released its fourth CD, "Snowfall on Judgment Day", on October 6, 2009 through Inside Out Music. The album was mixed and mastered by Tommy Newton, who produced the group's last two CDs, at Area 51 Studios in Celle, Germany. The artwork was once again created by Travis Smith.


Ray Alder - Vocals
Nick van Dyk - Guitar, Keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Guitar
Sean Andrews - Bass
Chris Quirarte - Drums
Greg Hosharian - Keyboards

REDEMPTION released a concert DVD, "Frozen in the Moment: Live in Atlanta", in late February/early March 2009. The disc contains a five-camera, high-definition shoot of the band's ProgPower USA VIII festival appearance in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2007. In addition, there is a 12-minute video and photo tour diary set to the band's previously unreleased instrumental from the DREAM THEATER songwriting contest that REDEMPTION wrote back in 2003.


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