Friday, September 17, 2010

September News Bytes

  • Deep Purple are to have two more albums reissued by EMI on October 25.
    The first is Come Taste The Band, the sole studio album from the MKIV line-up and originally put out in 1975. This has been expanded to feature not only the original album, but a remix from Kevin Shirley and previously unreleased tracks from that period.
    The other is the compilation Deepest Purple, which was first issued in 1980. This has been expanded to include both Hush and Soldier Of Fortune, plus a
    DVD with TV clips and a track-by-track guide with Jon Lord.
  • Goblin are up and running again with some changes in their line-up: Maurizio Guarini keyboards; Claudio Simonetti keyboards; Massimo Morante guitar; Bruno Previtali bass; Titta Tani drums. A new Album will be released shortly - possibly in October. Goblin will start performing live in October 2010, starting in Krakow, Poland, on October 23rd In February 2011 Goblin are scheduled to tour Japan and Australia.
  • Iwan Hasan (founder, guitarist, harp-guitarist, composer) has decided to leave the band Discus. The band is said to be uncertain of their future. Fadhil Indra (keys, co-founder) decided to freeze this Indonesian prog-rock/ fusion/ ethnic band. While the other members accept the sad news and continue with their other activities. More news as it comes.
  • Andrew Latimer Of Camel and his site has announced that the bone marrow transplant has been a complete success, and that the dark days are well and truly behind them. Andrew still has challenges to face, but will find ways to overcome them. In the meantime, Camel plans to release a DVD titled "The Opening Farewell".
  • Kevin Moore is releasing the soundtrack for the Turkish movie Little Apocalypse. The project is being supported by the fans and more information can be found here:

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