Friday, October 22, 2010

October News Bytes

  • Voiceprint Records is set to release the 21st Century Schizoid Band Live In Japan Concert CD and DVD bringing together both the visual and audio elements of the concert in one package. As both the separate elements of Live in Japan have been unavailable for some time this reissue now means you have both together in the one package and as King Crimson and the relevant offshoots of the band
  • The members of Yes are going in studio to record a new album that should be ready next year. They are working with producer Trevor Horn.
  • Singer Rob Sowden has decided to part ways with the band Arena. The explanation given so many times at moments like this is ‘musical differences’, usually as a veil for somewhat darker reasons; but actually, in this case, it is precisely the reason.
  • Believe, the outstanding art/progressive rock band led by the former guitarist of the Polish prog rock legend Collage, return with their fourth studio album. The new material entitled “World Is Round” will be released in January 2011.
  • Gary Husband, pianist and drummer, is about to release an all star album titled Dirty And Beautiful which will feature Gary Husband (Drums and Keys);Allan Holdsworth (Guitar); John McLaughlin (Guitar); Robin Trower (Guitar); Steve Hackett (Guitar); Steve Topping (Guitar); Jan Hammer (Keyboards); Jerry Goodman (Violin); Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Mark King (Bass); Laurence Cottle (Bass); Livingstone Brown (Bass); Steve Price (Bass)
  • Brett Stranne Of Cairo is battling cancer. Donations can be given through this website:

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