Friday, December 17, 2010

Steve Nardelli Announces Original Music Collaboration with Moon Safari

The Nucleus for a New Album from The Syn

London - December 16, 2010 - In a major proclamation of musical creativity, Steve Nardelli is promising a progressively innovative new album coming out of 2010 recording sessions of The Syn with Moon Safari. The nucleus for the new album is Sweden's top band of 21st century art-rock music joining forces with one of the iconic players of progressive music history. Nardelli promises to build musical bridges spanning generations by lifting the modern progressive Syn rock sound to yet another creative level with a new album merging the musical talents of The Syn and Moon Safari.

Commenting on the upcoming Syn / Moon Safari super sessions, Moon Safari bass player and group spokesman Johan Westerlund states, 'There is no end to the creative possibilities of this collaboration. Moon Safari's outlook on life begins and ends with ideals fortified in an era in which The Syn was in full bloom, and working with Steve Nardelli will give us a taste of that dream we wish we could have experienced firsthand.'

A big Moon Safari fan himself, Steve Nardelli is proclaiming to Syn insiders that he's very much looking forward to the old guard of '60s mod prog joining forces with one of the genre's rising young groups to deliver a fresh blend of artistic Eurorock to follow up The Syn's masterworks Syndestructible and Big Sky. Big Sky was awarded the #1 Prog Album of the Year in 2009.

Speaking about this unique meeting of musical minds Nardelli states, 'I first came across Moon Safari when The Syn were on the same bill at ROSfest with them last year and was completely captivated by their musical prowess and brilliant 5 part harmony arrangements; the association will create the perfect platform to build the new Syn album!'

Recording started this month in Skelleftea, a small stretch of shoreline in the north of Sweden and will follow up with sessions in London and New York. The album is due out in early 2011.

About The Syn
While The Syn has their eyes firmly focused on the future of progressive art rock; their roots go back to the 1960s. One of the precursors of prog rock and adorned with some of the most important musicians of the genre across its remarkable history, The Syn today are a band that operates intently in the modern day world, focused on pushing the envelope of modern progressive rock and moving it in new directions. Their lineups have been littered with musical masters during their long and storied history of constantly exploring new musical soundscapes. A new chapter opens with the collaboration on a new album for 2011 between Syn founder, Steve Nardelli, and the remarkable Moon Safari.

Key members of The Syn history: Andrew Pryce Jackman, Chris Squire, Steve Nardelli, Gunnar Hakonarson, Peter Banks, Alan White, Gerard Johnson, Francis Dunnery, Tom Brislin

About Moon Safari
Just outside of reach of the deafening buzz from pop culture, in Skellefteå, a small village in the north of Sweden is where Moon Safari manufactures their special brand of music since 2003. The band quickly caught the attention of the musical world with their 2005 debut A Doorway to summer; an album that
successfully managed to mix the classical British progressive rock sound with unmistakably American vocal group arrangements and brought the band onto the path from which they've since not strayed. In 2008 they released Blomljud, a conceptual double album that portrayed the search for the last human truth over 100 minutes, to critical acclaim. This year parched critics were once again commanded to the well of beauty and freedom as 2010 saw the release of Lover’s End, the third album from the vocal fashionistas. It is certainly the strongest, the most focused and the most determined work they've mustered up in their relatively short existence and it seems Moon Safari will keep people guessing for a long time to come. It has been suggested though that 'there must be something in the water' along the outer rim of the polar circle. Visit:

Petter Sandström - Vocals, acoustic guitars
Simon Åkesson - Vocals, piano, organ, mellotron and moog
Pontus Åkesson - Vocals, electric guitars
Sebastian Åkesson - Vocals, assorted keys
Tobias Lundgren - Vocals, drums and percussion
Johan Westerlund - Vocals, bass

About Steve Nardelli
Always on the leading-edge of music innovation, Steve Nardelli is the driving force behind The Syn. His forward thinking sense has transcended The Syn to iconic status with its cultivated artistic collaborations. In music and in business, Nardelli is a well-established pioneer. Beyond music, he founded the P3 Group as a leader in ecological house development. Since The Syn's 2009 award winning album, Big Sky, Nardelli's pioneering spirit has expanded to deliver the first eco-development in England, a 5000 house extension to NW Bicester that was master planned by Sir Terry Farrell as 4 separate revolutionary zero carbon eco villages. Nardelli says, 'I am not a house builder, but I was drawn into this project by the chance to be part of this new concept of creating homes that are harmonious with Nature, you could call it 'prog eco'!

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