Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum To Close?

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to close for good?............. This was posted on facebook:

"We are announcing the following shows:April 7th, 2011 - Casbah, San Diego, CAApril 8th, 2011 - Troubador, Los Angeles, CAApril 10th, 2011 - The Independant, San Francisco, CAIf you go to these shows, you will have seen Sleepytime Gorilla Museum for the last time. As it turns out, we are being replaced.It has been an honor to make our music with you, both in the room and not. Though these are our final performances, we are still in the process of finishing a new record, a short film called 'The Last Human Being', and a compendium live DVD that's been gathering source material for the past six years.We want you to join us for our final shows. And we mean JOIN us, specifically in a racket of celebratory and funereal music making.How it may include YOU:SINGING: the melody to 'Bring Back the Apocalypse' (see handy notation attached).PLUCKING: YOUR guitar in the precise manner indicated in the following instructional video at the end of a new song that might be titled "Smear." Herald the coming apocalypse by bringing your favorite collection of small hand bells (we're not kidding) or other such device to play us out. Under no circumstances are you allowed to bring a saxophone. You will be invited to take part in both the final shows, and the shooting of the final scene of our film in early August. Please stay tuned.

Source: AM/ROGOR

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