Friday, December 9, 2011

Upcoming Eloy Dates


Dear friends of ELOY,
Firstly, a very special thank you for the incredible reactions you gave us at our shows in the summer. We were deeply touched by the strong and emotional response we received at each event.
After the emotional time spent on the stage and the tremendous response to our three concerts in June of this year, we received many emails and letters expressing a desire for more concerts. Despite the well-attended festivals where some people had travelled from far-flung countries - some even travelling from outside Europe - in order to see us live, we received many messages from Germany from people who regretted that they couldn’t attend the shows due to being on holiday and asking us to play more concerts.
Thus we have decided to play a comprehensive tour of Germany for you in March 2012. We have aimed to choose more intimate settings in order to create yet more closeness, which of course means that visitor numbers will be somewhat limited here and there. This tour is about creating events that are tailored especially to our closest fan community. This applies to the music as well as to the environment in which the concerts take place. We want to offer you a special concert experience where the almost unique connection between band and audience - as we have recently experienced again - is just right.

24.03.2012 Berlin, Postbahnhof
25.03.2012 Hamburg, Markthalle
26.03.2012 Cologne, Gloria
27.03.2012 Stuttgart, Longhorn
28.03.2012 Pratteln (CH) - Z7
29.03.2012 Munich, Muffathalle
30.03.2012 Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
24.06.2012 - Nearfest, Bethlehem, PA - USA

For the 6 German ELOY Shows and the show in Pratteln we exclusively offer hard-tickets available at the ELOY Webshop only. Details regarding the tour in Germany in March can be found in the forum here, and regarding the appearance at the legendary Nearfest here.
We don’t want to keep it from you that the shows this spring could well be our last in Germany and that it’s possible that we will stop performing after headlining the legendary Nearfest in the U.S. in June 2012. For this reason, we are especially looking forward to the concerts in March and hope for numerous reunions with lots of fans in lots of full venues!
Sincerely yours,
Frank Bornemann

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