Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DREAM THEATER's MIKE MANGINI Scheduling Drum Clinics

Drummer Mike Mangini of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER has issued the following update:

"Between DREAM THEATER tours, I will be performing drum clinics in various places. From
mid-May to early June, there will be two in Illinois, one in Milwaukee,
and the rest will be a full country tour of Italy. Info on those and on
other locations for July/Aug and the fall 2012 will be announced [as
soon as possible]."

In a November 2011 interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Mangini was asked how it feels to be the newest member of DREAM THEATER. "It is such a feeling of completeness for me," he replied. "The way
that I set up my drum kit is completely unique and I have never been in a band that understood how I did things. Each of the members of this band understands why I have everything set up the way I do. I feel like a
piece of me is complete. It is like when you decide to go to college,
you may study business but you end up playing soccer; you just don't
know how it is all going to fit together. I have found a home for all of the craziness of my playing. I'm really a fortunate person."

When asked if he was nervous, during his DREAM THEATER audition, Mangini said, "The nerves didn't get to me. I've had approximately 46 auditions in my past and I've won every one of them — that includes drum
contests. I won from elementary school to state in high school to drum
contests to trying out for bands. I think that is because I was the same person through all of them. I worry that someone is out there working
harder than me; that makes me put my head down and try harder. When this situation came up, I was used to dealing with this type of a thing.
What made this different was how I fit in. I had been practicing all of
these years wondering where I would be able to use all of my skills. I
had used most of them in one situation, or another, but I wanted a
situation where I could use all of them. I couldn't imagine not getting
in DREAM THEATER. What was different this time was that I knew I had to get into this band."

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