Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cryptic Vision Returns After 5 Years

After a 5 year hiatus, Cryptic Vision releases "Of Infinite
Possibilities" This album is part 3 of their trilogy "Moments Of Clarity
In A World Of Infinite Possibilities" and is their most ambitious CD
yet. From the opening 5/4 riff of Singularity to the bombastic ending of
the title track, Cryptic Vision takes the listener through a progressive
journey of the world we live in. From the scientific to the spiritual,
from our inner soul to the outer Universe, the CD explores the meaning
of our existence. Each song represents a different perspective of how we
try to make sense of our world and what lies beyond. Musically this
album covers all the bases, lots of odd time signatures, rich chord
progressions, intricate rhythms, melodic hooks, powerful vocals and
stunning solos.

To coincide with the new release there is a box set comprising all 3
studio albums and a bonus disk with alternate mixes from all 3 albums
and alternate solos, plus previously unreleased live and studio tracks,
demos etc.

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