Thursday, May 3, 2012


 From the folks at PROGDAY:

"They have mixed Zappa, Etron Fou Leloublan, King Crimson, Adrian Belew,
Gong, Magma, the psychedelic, avant-garde, to concoct a musical machine...
zany and crazy, which has freed itself from many formal conventions...
Everyone is unanimous in recognizing the talent and boundless imagination of
these musicians." - Harmonie Magazine

"...a jewel that is reassuring about the ability of some of today’s
artists to think outside of the box, and offer up music that is both different
and fearless." - Progressia Magazine

The foundations of French band JACK DUPON go back to 2001, but it wasn't
until 2006 that the group surfaced with their first release, L'Africain
Disparu. Already the audacity and spirit that defines JACK DUPON was in place.
Since then they have developed a reputation for exceptional live shows
("Best Band," Brugheas festival, 2007; 4th Prize out of 1800 entrants and "Best
Bassist," Bilborock festival, Spain, 2007) and released eclectic, creative
and acclaimed albums: L'Echelle du Désir in 2008 (Top 50 albums of the
year, ‘Délire Musical,’ CFLX-FM, Quebec), and Démon Hardï in 2011 (#1
Progressive Rock CD, Arlequins). Bascule á Vif is a recent two-disc set capturing
the energy of JACK DUPON live.

After their performance at the 2010 preshow, we received many requests to
host them at Storybook Farm. The audience will be in for a treat when JACK
DUPON takes the main stage at ProgDay 2012.

JACK DUPON will join Accordo Dei Contrari (Italy) and Birdsongs Of The
Mesozoic (US) at ProgDay 2012, the 18th edition of the longest running
progressive rock festival in the world. ProgDay 2012 will take place on Saturday,
September 1st, and Sunday, September 2nd, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill,
North Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from this year's
bands, please visit PROGDAY at

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