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Coming off a highly successful 2011 marked by the release of the critically acclaimed "Testimony 2" and an enthusiastically attended tour throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe, Neal Morse could easily have justified going on a creative hiatus to catch his
breath. But that would fly in the face of his convictions and the sense
that he is being led to build upon the swell of success he is

In January 2012, Morse was pondering the
possibilities of a change in direction. After all, it had been a decade
since he left the progressive rock stalwart SPOCK'S BEARD to
pursue a solo career that would allow him to write more freely about his personal faith. And in that time he had recorded six impressive studio
records that were heralded for their unique hybrid of epic compositions
that tested the boundaries of musicianship while maintaining a
remarkable sense of melody through irresistible hooks and addictive
choruses. He could have taken a break. Or gone in an entirely new
direction. But he felt led otherwise, as summed up in the new record's
title track: "You've got some new momentum, you better keep going."

Morse's long time studio partner and friend Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, ADRENALINE MOB, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) had a small window in January 2012 when he could record. The only
problem was, there was only one song and a few bits and pieces written.
Taking a leap of faith, he scheduled a recording session with the
drumming legend and longtime bass player Randy George in two weeks, hoping that the music would arrive before the musicians. And boy did it ever.

"Momentum" features five exceptional stand alone songs and one longer conceptual
piece. In addition to the accessible title track, there's the quirkily
clever, GENTLE GIANT-inspired "Thoughts Part 5", which follows in the footsteps of the previous "Thoughts" tracks penned by Morse with SPOCK'S BEARD. "Smoke and Mirrors" trods an introspective, acoustic path, while "Weathering Sky" offers a raucous cry for deliverance and renewal from a searching soul. Rounding out the shorter tracks is "Freak", an upbeat, strings-charged song unlike anything Neal has recorded to date. Last comes "World Without End", a near-34-minute, six-part epic that contains everything that defines Morse as a master of the genre.

Another highlight of this record is that, in addition to a masterful solo by guitar wizard Paul Gilbert, there are contributions from Adson Sodré, Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette — three musicians who were selected as members of Morse's new touring band through an exciting YouTube-driven open-audition process.

While "Momentum" propels Morse forward and further cements his standing as a prolific
progressive rock icon, it steers clear of the potential "more of the
same" trap, and features fresh musical angles and some of the finest
performances to date by the Morse, Portnoy, George team.

The release of "Momentum" on September 11 will be quickly followed up by a North American tour
that spotlights the fresh talent of his new live band, with stops in
such cities as Nashville, Jacksonville, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los
Angeles, Seattle and Mexico City.

Much to the delight of progressive rock fans around the globe, Neal Morse is moving ahead with "Momentum", and there doesn't appear to be any kind of end to his unique creative talent in sight.

"Momentum" track listing:

01. Momentum (6:25)

02. Thoughts Part 5 (7:51)
03. Smoke and Mirrors (4:38)
04. Weathering Sky (4:15)
05. Freak (4:29)
06. World Without End (33:39)
i) Introduction
ii) Never Pass Away
iii) Losing Your Soul
iv) The Mystery
v) Some Kind of Yesterday
vi) World Without End

Total Length: 61:17

* Written and produced by Neal Morse
* "Thoughts Part 5" - Written by Neal Morse and Randy George
* "Smoke and Mirrors" and "The Mystery" - Music by Neal Morse, lyrics by Chris Thompson and Neal Morse
* Mixed by Rich Mouser

Featured musicians:

* Neal Morse - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
* Mike Portnoy - Drums
* Randy George - Bass

Additional musicians:

* Paul Gilbert - Guitar solo on "Momentum"
* Adson Sodré - Guitar Solos on "World Without End"
* Bill Hubauer - Clarinet, flute, guitar and additional keys on "The Mystery"
* Eric Gillette - Additional vocals on "Thoughts Part 5"
* Wil Morse - Additional vocals on "Thoughts Part 5"
* Chris Carmichael - Strings
* Rick Altizer - Additional vocals on "Weathering Sky" and "Smoke and Mirrors"

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