Thursday, November 29, 2012

JOE LYNN TURNER Has 'No Idea' If He Will Be Included In Possible PURPLE 'Rock Hall' Induction

Robert Cavuoto of Guitar International recently conducted an interview with legendary singer Joe Lynn Turner's (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN). An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Guitar International: What was it like to be in the RAINBOW legacy and perform the Ronnie James Dio songs?

Joe Lynn Turner: I loved doing the Dio songs. I grew up listening to him, David Coverdale and Ian Gillan. I performed a lot of those songs in cover bands, but to be standing on the stage next to Ritchie Blackmore was a whole other level, of course.

Guitar International: Your legacy in RAINBOW spawned the most video and commercial radio hits for the band. Was that the intent?

Joe Lynn Turner: That's was the actual design of it. We were supposed to be more commercial. When Ritchie got me in the band, he point-blank told me that we were going after a
commercial market. Other bands on the label were going that way like DEF LEPPARD who were getting played on the radio. Ritchie wanted to get played on the radio too. I said then let's go after
their throats; we are going to write songs that are hook, line, and
sinker hits. That was mission and we accomplished it.

Guitar International: Do you still keep in touch with Ritchie?

Joe Lynn Turner: Not much. It's pretty difficult with the whole personality thing. It
could be one line in an e-mail. I could send an email saying
congratulations on this or that and he would write back, "Thanks." [laughs]

Guitar International: Do you have any insight into the DEEP PURPLE Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction?

Joe Lynn Turner: I have read that he was not going to attend. He was never one of those
guys that believe he needed an award. In a way, I respect that. There
are a lot of people that think it is a scam, money and politically
oriented. So I understand what he means.

Guitar International: I ask because you were in DEEP PURPLE and was wondering if you were going to be included in the induction?

Joe Lynn Turner: That would be interesting. I really have no idea. I have no idea which of the other members of DEEP PURPLE will be included. I don't know if it's just the Mach 5 lineup. DEEP PURPLE is a band that had a lot of members run through it. I haven't really
pursued it or tried to find out, because I'm personally half and half
about it. I have a little bit of Blackmore's attitude in the sense that DEEP PURPLE should have been in 20 years ago. What's that all about?

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