Thursday, November 15, 2012

Woodenhead 37 year anniversary show Friday night

Long running New Orleans electric instrumental band Woodnhead will celebrate 37 years of obscurity with a gig at
 Carrollton Station in New Orleans this Friday, November 16th.
 Guitarist/founder Jimmy Robinson, keyboard player Fran Comiskey, drummer Mark Whitaker and bassist Paul Clement will be joined by guests 
The Bonerama Horns (Mark Mullins, Greg Hicks and Craig Klien) guitarist Cranston Clements and 2 former members,
 drummer James "Animal" Comiskey and bassist Lenny Jenkins.
 The show should start around 9:30, will go long in to the wee hours, and will be recorded and filmed.

This will be the last Woodenhead gig at Eric Orlando's Carrollton Station, as he is, after 10 years of running his great venue is moving on.
 He will be missed, and we look forward to sending him off in style.

New Orleans legendary electric instrumental band

Woodenhead has emerged as probably the most important and certainly the most fascinating musical unit New Orleans has seen in years...adamantly original, almost spiritual.." Eddie Allman, BATON ROUGE MORNING ADVOCATE

"Ya'll suck!" audience member, Laplace Speedway, 1979

"Jimmy Robinson is a major talent who could easily become one of Austin's guitar heroes.."

"Why Ya'll play dat music dat make people fight?" Audience member, 1978 after huge brawl breaks out among frenzied Bridge City Gumbo Festival attendees during Woodenhead's set

"A great band. Really great feeling" JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, 1985

"They've been around forever. They're not really happening" Editor of defunct New Orleans music magazine at meeting for defunct music conference. 1986

"At the New Orleans jazz festival, Woodenhead gets a standing ovation for teaching traditional jazz fans just how far imagination and electricity can push the form" ESQUIRE MAGAZINE

"Woodenhead is not for the faint-hearted, musically or in spirit...they play a hard-driving, challenging
 music that will literally rock you out of the comfortable cradle of Jazz, R&B and rock and roll into which life in New Orlesans has lulled you." Rock Adam GAMBIT

"The guitar is way too loud" audience member, Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, N.C. June 15, 1985
"I can't hear the guitar at all" audience member, Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, N.C. June 15, 1985

"Robinson is a killer guitarist, capable of removing the heads of most head banging metal freaks. He is also 'tasty' in the old-fashioned sense, rarely letting speed overtake the essentials." Mark Bingham, WAVELENGTH MAGAZINE

"You boys need some uniforms" Jimmy Robinson's grandfather repeatedly from 1975 until his passing in the mid-eighties.

"An innovative band of extraordinary instrumentalists"...TRIANGLE LIVE, Winston-Salem, N.C.

A band dedicated to creating music of the highest integrity, and not compromising during their three decades of performances and recordings." MJ Brady PROGNOSIS

"It's kind of painful to my ear" Audience member, Tipitina's, 1980

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