Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EDENBRIDGE To Begin Mixing New Album Tomorrow

Austrian female-fronted symphonic metallers EDENBRIDGE will begin mixing their eighth album, "The Bonding", tomorrow (January 8) with Karl Groom (THRESHOLD) at Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, England.

Commented the band: "'The Bonding' is the connection of the baby to the mother right after the birth, as
well as the connection to the bigger whole in the major sense.

change of times [in] 2012 is nothing else than a new starting cycle, in
which our memory of the bonding will increasingly appear. To this
degree, that we will trust in our inner force and dare into life, though
it might be full of insecurities.

"We owe our mind enormous
awareness and achievements, but is not able to open our hearts; it's
just able to prevent it due to the fear of all sorts of things. But we
ourselves decide what we think, when it is useful to make up our minds
and when it is time to let our thoughts leave and go into our hearts.
Then 'The Bonding' can happen again!"

"The Bonding" will feature orchestral parts by the Klangvereinigung Vienna orchestra, conducted by Gerald Mair and recorded at Home Music Studio in Vienna with Georg Luksch. EDENBRIDGE guitarist Lanvall stated: "The result is overwhelming. We have decided to record strings, brass/woodwinds and percussion seperately this time. Everything sounds
more voluminous and cleaner. The musicians of the orchestra did a
tremendous job. Be prepared for a real blast!"

The drum tracks for "The Bonding" were recorded by Max Pointner at Sunprojects Studio.

EDENBRIDGE's seventh album, "Solitaire", entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 95 back in July 2010.

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