Tuesday, October 1, 2013

THE FLOWER KINGS: 'Desolation Rose' To Receive U.S. Release In October

Swedish progressive rockers THE FLOWER KINGS have had a busy year since regrouping in 2012 for the "Banks Of Eden" album, and with a new creative vigor, the band is following that with the fantastic new CD, "Desolation Rose", due out in the USA on October 29. To be issued in a digipack, the U.S. release will also include a bonus disc. The cover artwork was once again created by Silas Toball and can be seen below.
Commented THE FLOWER KINGS: "Being somewhat of a political statement, the epic theme of 'Desolation Rose' is a logical step in a time where perpetual war, famine, environmental threats, religious conflicts dominate the media and our minds.
"This is a time to wake up and the music on this album takes you on a journey where you are forced to questions what the mainstream media feed us and to rethink your whole worldview on all of the above.
"This is in many ways a typical FLOWER KINGS album, but we have also taken it into another realm where we do take chances and where you may struggle to get into the music — or the lyrics — but trust me when I say that you will be rewarded, as this may be our most involved, important and interesting album ever. "

"Desolation Rose" track listing:
01. Tower One (13:39)
02. Sleeping Bones (04:16)
03. Desolation Road (04:00)
04. White Tuxedos (06:30)
05. The Resurrected Judas (08:24)
06. Silent Masses (06:17)
07. Last Carnivore (04:22)
08. Dark Fascist Skies (06:05)
09. Blood Of Eden (03:12)
10. Silent Graveyards (02:52)
You can listen to samples of the new album by using the SoundCloud widget below.
Earlier this year, THE FLOWER KINGS embarked on a very special tour alongside Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy to celebrate InsideOut Music's 20th anniversary, playing to sold-out crowds across Europe and the U.S.

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