Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hadrien Feraud Injury Puts Tour Plans On Hold

Bass prodigy Hadrien Feraud, who's new solo album and recent stint with John McLaughlin has been the buzz in the fusion world, has broken a finger on his right hand and will not be able to perform for the beginning of the Fourth Dimension tour with John McLaughlin. Feraud is to be replaced by Dominique DiPiazza for the European tour. There are still hopes that he will be able to perform by the end of May.
Feraud's bass style has been compared to the late great Jaco Pastorius. His recent self titled solo album is stunning in its diversity from beginning to end. Fusion lovers began their new affair with Hadrien in 2006 when he was featured on John Mclaughlin's Industrial Zen. McLaughlin spoke with Tom Gagliardi in November of 2006 and said "You have to hear this cat...he's amazing, he's a kid. So Talented.." Hadrien has recently recorded for an upcoming album with guitarist Bireli Lagrene. The album is due out in October, and features Hadrien's band Ruemers.
He will also be joining the Gagliarchives radio program to talk about his upcoming work as well.
We hope for a speedy recovery for Hadrien. He is the next one.

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