Friday, February 5, 2010

Virginia's Kinetic Element Nominated For Best Debut CD

American neo-symphonic progressive rock band KINETIC ELEMENT has been nominated for “BEST DEBUT RECORD” by the Italian-based PROGAWARDS for their 2009 CD release entitled Powered By Light. You can check out their nomination listing at .

KINETIC ELEMENT hails from Richmond, Virginia and harbors strong musical ties with classic artists like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Asia and Genesis and blends those types of influences with deep philosophical and spiritually powerful and uplifting lyrics.
The band features Mike Visaggio (keyboards/lead vocals), Michael Murray (drums/backing vocals) and Todd Russell (electric/acoustic guitars).
Here’s what some of the critics are saying about Powered By Light:
* “ Fans of progressive rock in all its forms—including Transatlantic, Neal Morse, Tiles, KDB3 and Proto-Kaw—will find a lot to like here; but those whose musical tastes stray towards progressive music on the heavier side of things—think Darkwater, Shadow Gallery, Suspyre or Threshold—should be able to embrace this as well.—Andrew Rockwell, .
“This is an outstanding progressive rock album that fans of the genre really need to check out because it does put together all the familiar elements yet still makes it fresh and does something new with it.”—Metalfro, .
“Instrumentally KINETIC ELEMENT is at the top of their game. The driving force behind the group is keyboardist Mike Visaggio, who is positively brilliant. This is some of the most energetic keyboard work I’ve heard since the Golden Age of Progressive Rock when Wakeman and Emerson were producing their best work. Yes, he’s that good. And his surrounding cast of players are equally adept: Michael Murray (drums & backing vocals), Tony D’Amato (bass) and Todd Russell (guitars).”—Joseph Shingler, .
“It’s a vintage keyboard fan’s wet dream.”—Erik Neuteboom,
“Like the starmen had done in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the musical expressions in this release could only come from highly-intelligent lifeforms…In the end, the album sustains itself with a righteous energy that raises spirits and lightens minds.”—Josh Turner,
The finalists for this category as well as many others will be published at on February 14th 2010.

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