Monday, May 10, 2010

CYNIC: European Tour Dates Announced

Reunited progressive rock/metal band CYNIC has scheduled the following European dates:

Jun. 04 - Toulouse, France @ Le Phare
Jun. 05 - Lyon, France @ Le Transbordeur
Jun. 06 - Paris, France @ Nouveau Casino
Jun. 08 - Düdingen, Switzerland @ Bad Bonn
Jun. 09 - Gorizia, Italy @ Pieffe Factory
Jun. 10 - Alessandria, Italy @ Mephisto Rock Cafe
Jun. 11 - Luzern, Switzerland @ Schüür
Jun. 12 - Nickelsdorf, Austria @ Novarock Festival
Jun. 14 - Barcelona, Spain@ Be Cool
Jun. 15 - Bilbao, Spain @ Sala Santana-Fever
Jun. 16 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Music Box
Jun. 17 - Madrid, Spain @ Sala Ritmo y Compas
Jun. 18 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Metaltown

On May 17, CYNIC will release a brand new EP entitled "Re-Traced", featuring reinterpretations of four songs from the group's critically acclaimed "Traced In Air" album as well as a previously unreleased song.

"'Re-Traced' is an experiment for us — an opportunity to turn four songs from 'Traced in Air' inside out and to share something new", comments guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal.

"In our exploration, we've created music that is part 'sci-fi prog folk,' part psychedelic rock, part minimalist restraint. These interpretations feel channeled from another galaxy.

"For the most part, the tunes reference some of our favourite musical forms and in our own curious way (electronic/ambient, jazz/fusion, drum n' bass, experimental, shoegaze). There is no vocoder, no traditionally busy CYNIC riffs that are some of our most signatures sounds, but the music retains its song structure, integral melodic sense, harmony and lyrical inspiration."

Masvidal on the new song: "It is entitled 'Wheels Within Wheels' and it is the most rock/metal tune on the EP. Mood-wise it has a melodic optimism that is a bit more transparent than in other CYNIC songs, giving it a unique and emotive color.

"We are really pleased with the performances and energy of this track. Considering this song is perhaps the closest reference to a familiar CYNIC sound, it still leaves behind many of the former trademarks and introduces a new shade of groove and dynamic.

"Progressive music has many faces, and that is always the name of the game for CYNIC: reinventing ourselves and pushing our own musical boundaries for ourselves and our fans."

"Re-Traced" track listing:

01. Space
02. Evolutionary
03. King
04. Integral
05. Wheels Within Wheels

Check out the cover artwork below.

Commented Masvidal: "The artwork on the EP takes Venosa's original song paintings from the 'Traced in Air' booklet and reinterprets them by extracting the basic outlines, almost appearing as though they are etched in wood. Travis Smith helped manifest these conceptions graphically. The idea was to have the 'tracing' of the original work in tact, so it almost morphs into a simple line drawing of the sculptural shapes found in Venosa's work. The end result appears like unearthed, archival etchings from an alien planet."

"Traced in Air" was released in North America on November 25, 2008 via Season of Mist.

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