Thursday, May 20, 2010

Karnataka Lineup Shaken Up

British band Karnataka announced that Ian Harris, Gonzalo Carrera, and Lisa Fury will no longer be in the project. Stating:
"We have had to think really hard about this decision particularly after all the hard work & how well received The Gathering Light has been. We are very proud of what the album has achieved for all of us.
We are all amazed and humbled by all the fantastic press and feedback from you guys. You truly are fantastic and the reason why we love to play music but,due to very personal reasons we still feel we have no option but to leave the band now.
We know this will be very disappointing for some but please don't worry Karnataka will continue! Ian Jones and Enrico already have some musicians lined up to carry on the journey. Check the Karnataka websites for news & dates etc.
We wish them the best of luck.

Ian H,Gonzalo & Lisa xxx"

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