Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OPETH Members To Perform With JON LORD Of Deep Purple

Former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord will perform at the Nidarosdomen cathedral in Norway along with The Lord Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Torodd Wigum, on Sunday evening, May 23. Lord will be joined by Martin Axenrot and Martin Mendez of OPETH, with Steve Balsamo, who played and sang the role of Jesus in the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar". Nathalie Lorichs (OPETH's "Coil") will do the female vocals.

Jon Lord has just released a new classical CD, "To Notice Such Things", which will have its Scandinavian premiere at this weekend's event. According to a posting on OPETH's web site, "We will also hear beautiful pieces from his solo career, together with a couple of rearranged DEEP PURPLE songs, including 'Child in Time' with a children's choir for extra goosebumps effect! Definitely a night to remember!"

The lineup for the performance will be as follows:

* Jon Lord - Piano/Organ
* Steve Balsamo - Vocals (Jesus Christ Superstar)
* Nathalie Lorichs - Vocals (Opeth)
* Karina Hanssen - Choir
* Martin Axenrot - Drums (Opeth, female singer on the track Coil)
* Martin Mendez - Bass (Opeth)
* Magnus Johansen - Keyboards (V Before U)
* Lord Chamber Orchestra conducted by Torodd Wigum
* The Choir Children of Time conducted by Elen Cath Furunes

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