Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NEARfest Announces Friday Night Lineup

NEARfest is proud to present, a break for your pockets and a treat for your ears. Three outstanding bands, all the future-present of progressive music and all ready to tear it up on the Zoellner stage. Toronto Canada's Half Past Four, Illinois's own Von Frickle and Finland's Jeavestone will split the evening, each providing their own spin on progressive/art rock.
Half Past Four's style is hard to describe as the group does not restrict itself to following one specific genre. The musicians concern themselves with what they do best - writing and performing a free spirited, never before played chord structures and melodies. Experimental arrangement, fusion composition, polyrhythmic structures and atonal melodies are not uncommon in their music. Drawing its inspiration from stalwarts such as King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull as well as many other progressive, kraut, art and math-rock bands, Half Past Four takes pride and pleasure in taking art rock a little further and planting its seeds in the harsh soil of contemporary popular culture.
Von Frickle, an instrumental band that are inclined to full experimentation as well as to sound streams and beautiful melodies. Everything in their music creates the "stereotype" of unique music, a heavy listen which translates into a tremendous experience. Drawing from such influences as Zappa, Pink Floyd and the Dregs, the band still maintains an air of originality via their expression of aggressive, modern art rock. Von Frickle's use of theatrics further enhances their live experience; projections, expressionless masks and white suits act as the norm for this eclectic group.
Jeavestone was formed in 1999 and released their first self-financed EP in 2001. The first full length album "Mind The Soup" was released in 2005 and they played their first gigs outside Finland in July 2006 when they performed at the Burg Herzberg Festival and at the Freakshow Artrock Festival in Germany. It was their 2nd album "Spices, Species and Poetry Petrol" released in 2008, that Jeavestone found its identity. Their self imposed style deemed "eclectic prog" or "prog'n'roll, features an amalgam of influences from '70s classic prog acts like Gentle Giant and King Crimson combined with modern sounding rock. There is no shortage of humor in their musical approach which can be likened to the insanity of Zappa and Beardfish. Their instrumentation spans from traditional rock combo on the first album to the extensive use of woodwind and string instruments on their subsequent releases. Their latest release entitled "1+1=OK," continues their tradition, it is a fantastic slice of psychadelicartprog.
NEARfest is very excited to bring to you the diversity that has been our trademark. This "Night of the New Progressives" will thrill you all both musically and financially, a showcase for new bands at a great value. Half Past Four, Von Frickle and Jeavestone will make for a memorable NEARfest Friday night.

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