Monday, July 11, 2011

Zappa Vocal Legend Napoleon Murphy Brock Releases Vintage Live Recording

7/5/2011 - San Jose, CA - Much to the elation of Napoleon Murphy Brock fans across the globe, a rare live recording from the actual night that Frank Zappa first met Napoleon Murphy Brock has been released on CD titled 'This Is What Frank Zappa Heard - Communication Plus Live at the Red Noodle Waikiki, Hawaii'. This very significant historical document is now available and ready to be shipped to you to complete your collection of the history of The Mothers Of Invention. Frank was actually in the audience this very night, listening to two sets of music performed by Napoleon Murphy Brock and his 5-piece musical ensemble called "COMMUNICATION PLUS". After Zappa saw and heard this performance, he said to NMB, "Hello, my name is Frank Zappa, and you are my new Lead Vocalist." Having never heard of Frank Zappa or the Mothers of Invention, Napoleon asked Frank who was in his band. When he replied with the names Jean Luc Ponty, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, and Ralph Humphey, Frank told Napoleon that this ensemble would now be complete with him, Napoleon (as the Lead Vocalist, saxophonist, flutist and Front Man), and that no audition, other than what he had heard that evening, would be required. All that Napoleon need do was to come to 5831 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, listen to the band, and accept, if he liked what he heard.
Napoleon had no idea what he would hear, see, or experience, but continued forward with an open mind. After listening to the band play five songs - non-stop - he knew at that very moment that he had come face to face with his destiny. There had been years of preparation for this historical evaluation that was not totally understood during those years, but the preparation continued with the knowledge that, one day, it all would be revealed to him. This was that moment, and the picture was clear.
Napoleon accepted. And then the journey began....
Frank knew that something most important was yet to take place. Napoleon, with his voice, saxophone, flute, "and Fantastic Dancing", was to be the Interpreter of the music for the fans. This incarnation of The Mothers was raised to a new level of theatrical expression, energy, enthusiasm and entertainment.
Originally recorded on Teac Reel-To-Reel 4-Track, the recording was restored and digitally enhanced in Hamburg, Germany, at Master Pinguin Studio's Audio Lab by owner director master engineer Ralph Kessler The original stereo analog sound was preserved.
You will be able to hear exactly what Frank heard. But a word of advice to the listener: The best way to put yourself in the area of thought processes that Frank experienced during this performance, and to be able to imagine what he imagined, having this combination Lead vocalist/sax/flute player, who also played sax and flute parts and solos while singing in the same song, you must remove yourself from where other people are talking. Frank would always say, "LISTENING IS AN ART." It is impossible to listen to these tracks while someone is in the room talking while you are trying to listen. If you listen in focused silence, you might be able to imagine how Frank visualized Napoleon doing what he heard and saw him doing on stage that very night, but in HIS compositions and the compositions of Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention.

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