Friday, October 28, 2011

New CD by Discipline. "To Shatter All Accord"

From the Discipline camp:

"To Shatter All Accord"...a new studio CD from Discipline.We happily introduce the new release: "To Shatter All Accord" (Discipline. 2011). Two years it took, or longer if you reckon since the time we last recorded.We leave behind a journey arduous. The pain we felt in making now forgot; the work all done, it is for you to judge. If in our efforts you detect a fault, or sourness that your ear cannot correct, or some augmented insult, slur, or stain, or if you think it bland or too repeating, or like the dull discordant city strains, unordered, incoherent, self-indulgent, then we truly thank you for your time. But if you search beneath the stone for treasure, and root within the dirt for bits unseen, there will we join you, with grimy, swollen hands and feet unbooted, to sift, to sort, and seek a world sublime.The cover artwork for "To Shatter All Accord" was done by Detroit artist and longtime friend, Graem Whyte.

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