Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Believe Reveal Title And Artwork Of Their Forthcoming DVD

In late March/early April, Metal Mind Productions will release second live DVD by Believe – an outstanding art-rock act formed by the guitarist Mirek Gil – the former leader and composer of Polish prog-rock legend Collage. The material entitled “Seeing Is Believing” was recorded in November 2011 in Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland. During this unique evening Believe primarily presented material from their most recent studio album „World Is Round” (Metal Mind Productions, 2010).

And today the band reveal the cover artwork of „Seeing Is Believing”.

Karol Wróblewski, the band's vocalist comments the project: “The picture was taken at Wyspianski Theatre during the filming of the concert for the purposes of this DVD release. We made no suggestions to its author and we decided to give him absolute artistic freedom. That's how the magical, impressionist image that captures the essence of the title ‘Seeing Is Believing’ was made. Vivid colors, Karol's silhouette, and the mysterious atmosphere perfectly reflect what happened on that evening on the theatre's stage. And believe me, the atmosphere of the concert was outstanding. We're all the more satisfied about the cover because it reminds us of a movie poster... Because that DVD is a true documentary about us and our music. The picture was taken by our friend - Sławek Haratym. We've been cooperating with him for a couple of years now and he keeps surprising us with his creativity. We knew that he wouldn't let us down this time as well. We're very proud of his latest work.”

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