Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Live Strawberry Fields Forthcoming DVD

Strawberry Fields, a rock band formed in 2008 by a highly acclaimed musician Wojtek Szadkowski (Collage, Satellite, Peter Pan), return with their first live DVD entitled “Live Strawberry Fields”. The material included on the DVD was recorded on the 20th of April 2011, at Silesian Theatre in Katowice, Poland, were the band presented to their audience their very own, unique, subtly simple, magic and, at times, trip-hop-like brand of prog music, crowned with Robin’s – the band’s lead singer’s – mesmerizing, sensual voice. The band in the line-up: Wojtek Szadkowski (drums), Robin (vocal), Sarhan Kubeisi (guitars), Jarek Michalski (bass), Krzysztof Palczewski (keys) and Michał Kirmuć (guitar) presented their fans with a musical feast by performing songs from Strawberry Fields’ debut album “Rivers Gone Dry” as well as one previously unreleased song – “Problem” . Also, the band surprised the audience by playing new versions of two memorable songs from Satellite’s repertoire – “Don’t Walk Away in Silence” and “Is It Over” – as also a classic Collage song “Living in the Moonlight”.

The concert at the Theatre was also a special event for the band themselves. Strawberry Fields' singer Robin comments: "Silesian Theatre in Katowice is a beautiful venue, magical even. The atmosphere of that place perfectly fit and contributed to the mood of that evening. The live DVD shows a different side of Strawberry Fields than what you can find on 'River's Gone Dry'. First and foremost, this is because we're harmonious as a band, our mutual energy keeps us going and we really enjoy playing live. Most of the songs were re-arranged into live versions. It is owing to this that the band became more consistent, its character was defined better. We hope that 'Live Strawberry Fields' will let people look at Strawberry Fields from a different perspective... that it will let them see it as a 'band'. For me, the greatest pleasure was performing Satellite's and Collage's songs. I was genuinely touched. Of course, it's not the same as hearing the original versions, it's merely a substitute, but it's enough to allow for a sentimental journey back in time."

You can find a preview of “Live Strawberry Fields” DVD on Metal Mind's official profile on YouTube. Track “Flow” is available in THIS location.

The release date of “Live Strawberry Fields” DVD is scheduled for February, 13th in Europe and March, 20th in USA (via MVD).


1. Open Your Eyes
2. Close
3. Fool
4. Maybe
5. River’s Gone Dry
6. Problem*
7. Beautiful
8. Flow
9. Your Story
10. Don’t Walk Away in Silence (Satellite cover)
11. Living in the Moonlight (Collage cover)
12. Is It Over (Satellite cover)

* previously unreleased

Bonus video:
Interview with Wojtek Szadkowski
Interview with Robin

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