Thursday, November 8, 2012

BONAMASSA Says BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION Bandmate HUGHES 'Needs To Have A Little Reality Check' -

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION released its third album, "Afterglow", on Tuesday (October 30) amid a public feud between singer Glenn Hughes and guitarist Joe Bonamassa. In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the axeman commented on Hughes' recent statement that this could be the group's final album, telling the site, "Never say never."

The war of words goes back to early September, when Hughes began telling journalists that Bonamassa's solo touring schedule was preventing BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION from touring and fulfilling its potential. He stated that if the situation didn't change, "Afterglow" could be the group's last recording project.

Asked if there is going to be more touring for BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, Bonamassa states flatly, "Probably not. At least, not with me. You know, the deal was, three years ago when this thing started, everybody had day jobs.
Everybody has a good day job. I tour the spring and the fall,
religiously. And I'm not gonna be bullied into doing something. Whether Glenn wants to do more touring or not, that's for him to decide. But it's not for him to decide for me." The guitarist adds that he's not opposed to
future recording work with the group, saying he's proud of the new album despite all the drama surrounding it. "I think it's a good record
that's unfortunately been tainted by all this amateur-hour type of
interview skills," he says. "I think Glenn will come to . . . he
needs to have a little reality check, and that's fine. We all love him,
and we'll forgive him. And it doesn't diminish the fact that he's a
world-class singer, a world-class writer and a world-class bass player."

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