Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recent News On Guitarist Barry Cleveland

I hope that this newsletter finds everyone in good health and spirits, and looking forward to an exciting 2013.
This has been a very good year.
In the spring I traveled to Wroclaw, Poland, to perform at the 10th Anniversary Thanks Jimi Festival, which was a blast, and then ventured on to Turkey, where I visited with old and new friends in Istanbul, and explored Cappadocia and the ancient sites around Sanliurfa—including 12,000 year-old Gobekli Tepe.

Other trips included the Montreal Jazz Festival (the highlights were Van der Graaf Generator and Terje Rypdal), and Experience PRS, where I was honored to spend time with John McLaughlin and the members of his extraordinary band. Closer by, I visited Big Sur, the Lost Coast, Desolation Wilderness, and other amazing areas in California.
But, on to the "news."

A while ago I participated in the $100 Guitar Project, along with 65 other guitarists (including Nels Cline, Fred Frith, Mike Keneally, Alex Skolnick, Elliott Sharp, and Henry Kaiser). Well, a double CD is set for release on January 1st, with all proceeds going to CARE to help combat global poverty. You can order it from Amazon or from Bridge Records. Here's a video of my composition (if video player doesn't appear below, please click here):
I also reissued my Mythos album, originally released on Larry "Synergy" Fast's Audion Recording Company label in 1986. It received a lot of positive press at the time, including being selected as one of The 25 Best New Age Compact Discs in the Stereo Review 1987 Compact Disc Buyer's Guide (alongside such other “new age” albums as Dark Side of the Moon, Autobahn, and Dig It). The album was remastered using modern tools. Listen to complete tracks here. Read more about it here. Mythos is also available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other retailers.

And, just a reminder that the revised Second Edition of my book Joe Meek's Bold Techniques is available as an eBook from iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and now Sony. There's lots of information about it here.
I'm also looking into publishing a hardcover version of the second edition in early 2013.
And speaking of Meek, I recently completed an interview with Christine Facciolo and Steven Leech of WVUD radio, parts of which will be included in a program scheduled to air January 19th.

Looking forward to the new year, I will be releasing a collaboration album with Michael Masley, tentatively titled The History of Light. We've been recording furiously and are quickly approaching the mixing stage. The music is very different than anything either of us has done previously, and, among other things, features several instruments that Michael either invented, or modified so heavily that he might as well have invented them. We had the good fortune to be able to use extraordinary new microphones by Royer Labs (SF-2 ribbons) and 3 Zigma (U47 and C12-style condensers), so the audio is spectacular.
I have also been working on a solo guitar looping album in tandem with developing a live-looping set. Here's a piece I performed at the Y2k12 International Live-Looping Festival in October (if video player doesn't appear below, please click here):
Finally, I had the honor and pleasure of working on a publishing project with the remarkable Sue Bessmer. Her book, How the World Worked, From the Pharaohs to Christopher Columbus, presents a wealth of fascinating historical material in "storyteller" fashion, making it easily understood by academics and casual readers alike. The book will be published by Old Tree Books in early 2013.

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