Friday, January 4, 2013

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT: Debut Album Release Date Announced

Listenable Records recently announced the signing of Michigan's prog metal mongers THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT. The band, founded by duo Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge, describes its sound as "heavy guitars, euphoric synths and rich layered vocals come together to create a wall of progressive rock lushness."

Like their fellow modern prog artists, THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT create a massive sound with home equipment and have no fear of experimentation and rule breaking.

The guitars are big and technical and layered with keyboard sounds reminiscent of DREAM THEATER and QUEENSRŸCHE. The vocals range from powerful lead lines, big harmonies and demonic screams in the vein of Devin Townsend and Mike Patton.

The band's inspiration comes from guitarist/vocalist Dan addressing the last 10 years of his life, focusing on his excess and
drug abuse which took him to a dark place and his determination to move
onto a brighter future.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT has been lucky enough to receive public praise from Devin Townsend on multiple occasions, most notably on his Twitter account the night they unleashed their "Karma" EP to the masses for free on Bandcamp. Townsend was quoted as saying, "Actually, listening now...great great work man! Seriously great stuff, Dan, I fully back it and appreciate the effort you've invested I wish all
luck!" The EP later went on to be downloaded over 2,000 times.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT's self-titled debut album was mastered by Acle Kahney (TESSERACT) and made available digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes to much critical acclaim. It will now be re-released on February 25 in Europe and March in the U.S. on Listenable.

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