Thursday, October 17, 2013

Djam Karet News Update

The Drive to 2014 and the DK 30th Anniversary Continues.....

Final recording for the new studio record concludes at the end of this month. Solos and sounds are hitting the both the tape and the floor. It feels like as you get older you are just as excited about recording as you were when you were young, but where you have already gone in the past hangs over you and challenges you to go deeper. It also seems that it takes longer, but there is so much more to do in life now. The 30th Anniversary of Djam Karet (2014) will be surrounded by a series of 2 CD set Re-issues of most of our out of print CD titles that will include bonus tracks and remastering as well as the release of the new studio album. We are glad to report that contrary to rumors circulating on the interweb, there will be no vocalist on this release yet again. Djam Karet will continue to talk in pictures, and not in words, as it was 30 years ago in a dark basement of an old building where the wails of feedback began.

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