Thursday, June 12, 2008

Avantasia Kicks Off Tour In Europe

EDGUY singer Tobias Sammet's solo project AVANTASIA kicked off its European tour on Thursday, June 5 at the Rocksound Festival in Huttwil, Switzerland. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert's opening song can be viewed below.
AVANTASIA's touring lineup consists of the following musicians:
Tobias Sammet
Jörn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN)
André Matos (ex-ANGRA)
Amanda Somerville (EPICA stand-in singer)
Olli Hartmann
Bob Catley (MAGNUM; not all shows)
Sascha Paeth
Robert Hunecke
Claudy Yang
Felix Bohnke
The new album from AVANTASIA, "The Scarecrow", was "officially one of the 20 best-selling albums in whole Europe during the fourth week of January," according to a press release."The Scarecrow" was released on January 25 as a standard CD as well as rare picture (double) vinyl. "The Scarecrow" features guest appearances by the following artists:
Alice Cooper (vocals)
Amanda Somerville (vocals)
Bob Catley (MAGNUM; vocals)
Jorn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN; vocals)
Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY; guitar)
Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN; vocals)
Oliver Hartmann
Roy Khan (KAMELOT; vocals)
Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS; guitar)

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