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New Werner Herzog Film Features Many Phases Of Henry Kaiser

Werner Herzog's new feature film, ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, which opens THIS MONTH, JUNE 2008 in cities across the USA, features the music of HENRY KAISER - a longtime Cuneiform associate - in collaboration with his pal David Lindley.
A widely respected avant garde guitarist and improviser, Kaiser has released numerous recordings on Silver Spring/Washington DC-based Cuneiform Records, his most recent being *Healing Force: The Songs of Albert Ayler*. His other Cuneiform recordings include two double disc recordings by *Yo Miles!*, a group dedicated to the late/electric music of Miles Davis that he co-leads with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith; a double disc compilation of his guitar improvisations with Fred Frith, called Friends & Enemies; a CD of his solo improvisations, called *Lemon Fish Tweezers*, and a various artists compilation of acoustic guitar music called *156 Strings*, which he both curated and appears on. In addition to his work on Cuneiform, Kaiser has released numerous recordings on other labels, including Shanachie. Most notably, Kaiser and Lindley released 3 CDs in the A WORLD OUT OF TIME series of Malagasy collaborations on Shanachie, which was nominated for a Grammy. Very recently, Kaiser released a recording of shakuhachi-guitar duets with Kiku Day: ZEN KAIJU. Imagine that Hiroshi Teshigahara directed GOJIRA (GODZILLA), instead of Inoshiro Honda, with a soundtrack by Toru Takemitsu, to get an idea of the nature of the unusual ZEN KAIJU project....
But Kaiser is not only a musician whose music is internationally acclaimed - he is also a professional underwater videographer AND a movie producer and filmmaker. Besides supplying the music with Lindley for Herzog's Encounters, he also produced the movie and did all of the underwater photography; as well as appearing as a character on camera.

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Whether it be experimenting with guitar riffs from outer space or experimenting with science, deep beneath the ice of Antarctica's Ross Sea, Henry Kaiser is no stranger to pushing the limits. Now, Kaiser is at it again with his new project. *Encounters at the End of the World.* Henry Kaiser again takes on a new challenge by not only producing the film and composing the music for the film's soundtrack, but also by taking on the role of cameraman down in the frigid climate of mysterious Antarctica.
For decades Henry Kaiser has been known as a world renowned avant-garde musician. He has been widely recognized as one of the most creative guitar players and improvisers. His music has been described as unique, exciting, and adventurous. Before his recording career began, Kaiser was a professional film and TV director. Recently Kaiser had several projects where he has made great strides working with Werner Herzog. Kaiser and Herzog explored life with a pack of grizzly bears and then dove down deep into the sea.
Now, working on their fourth collaboration, Kaiser and Herzog decided to invade the secret sides of Antarctica and uncover some of the polar mysteries, human and inhuman, of one of Earth's last unexplored territories. *Encounters* has already earned rave reviews at the Telluride Film Festival and it opens to the public this summer.

To Find Out More, Visit: Encounters at the End of the World

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